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Ryan autism?


2020 – so with Chris first mention of autism from a doctor was around summer/fall of 1994 until January of 1995.  He was 4.  Ryan’s first mention is at barely 3, in 2005.  I suppose with it being 10 years later they could spot it faster.  I also, remember, however, when Ryan was maybe a year younger that his pediatrician said there was NO WAY he had autism.  It’s strange how things work out.  With Chris, the first mention of autism was from my cousin, when she came to visit us from New York.  With Ryan, it was a note on a drs. report.  Never did we actually see ourselves and say, this person may have autism.  I guess parents are the last to know or see it….

On Ryan he has what’s called “a flat moderate sensorineural hearing loss bilaterally.” I got his report today and shared with some of the professionals that need it. I need to fax to more people tomorrow. In addition to following upon the hearing loss the final instruction was “continue with psychological/neurologic workup and monitoring for early identification of possible autism.” That kind of gave me the chills. I don’t know if they think he has autism or if it’s just family history — ugh.


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A little runaway

2020 – March of 2005 – Ryan was just over 3.  I hadn’t remembered when this happened but remember often that it DID happen.  Ryan had elopement as a severe symptom of Autism/ADHD, or whatever caused it, for many years.  He did not outgrow it until about Age 11.  Thank God he did outgrow it.  It was very very scary.

Good morning! I hope you all had a good Easter if you celebrate. We had a wonderful dinner, then had some interesting moments in the evening! I’ll describe them in a minute.

We made a delicious glazed ham with pineapple and brown sugar, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, biscuits, and peach pie. Devilled eggs too. We also drank a whole bottle of sprite. And we ate plenty of candy!

We also had 3 fun easter egg hunts. Ryan even found an egg!

So we stayed home all day. About 6 I had Colleen go outside and play with Ryan for a while. He did have a cough still all day but seemed to be feeling all right. They were playing ball and stuff.

Next thing I knew, almost simultaneously, Rog said, look at that little kid running down the sidewalk – wait, it’s Ryan! And I heard Colleen shouting RYAN! So I went running out and down the street and as soon as he saw me he laughed and started running into the street! Luckily there were no cars coming and I got the little stinker. I went home and saw that the gate was open. Colleen swore she tied it after she put her bike away like 5 hours earlier. I also think it was locked because Chris had been outside walking around and I kept checking from the window. So my hypothesis is that she didn’t tie it tight enough, and he just pushed on it enough to loosen the rope and get out. But I’ll never know…. Thank God he wasn’t hit by a car – gives me chills.

Then I just held him and after a while he felt like he was running a fever again. He fell asleep on my lap at 7:30 and I put him to bed (tried to give him Motrin but he wouldn’t take it — his temp was 101.5 so not horrible). This morning at 5:15 he got up and seemed warm still – I didn’t take the temp but just gave him the Motrin and we got up and went in the living room 45 minutes later and the temp was about 101 or so. So obviously it was higher before but I don’t know how much. He’s still coughing a lot. I called the dr. and he’s going in at 10:20 today. No one else is sick at this point.

So the next interesting thing to happen is when we were playing with spice and I was attaching her old wheel back in the new cage (it’s bigger and more suited to a Syrian hamster) I noticed a loose wire from the cage at the bottom. So Colleen and I taped it and put toilet paper all along the tape on the inside, but I think we may have to replace it again or maybe if possible solder the wire back in place? I was so glad she didn’t escape last night – I think she was too excited about having her old big blue wheel back!


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We got important news today. Ryan had an ABR plus another sensitive hearing test under sedation. Surprisingly, to all of us, he does have hearing loss in both ears. She said his hearing loss I believe is about 50 which seems to be described on the internet as Moderate — 40-68 dBHL (decibels hearing level). I am curious what that means he hears – Colleen had the list of what sounds are at what decibels in her science notes a few months ago coincidentally but they’re not in our house now, but at her school in her desk….

We’ll get the report next week and need to follow up immediately with ENT on further guidance. She believed hearing aides will be necessary, along with further therapy aside from the speech therapy he gets – another kind of therapy will be necessary that relates to hearing loss itself. Anyone else going through this? She also said the ENT may be able to help us see what caused it. I was concerned it was his ear tubes – she said no. Then we saw the chiropractor today and he said, yes, it could be. Then I looked online and I see that “rarely” the tubes can cause further hearing loss and possibly perforation, and further problems when the tubes come out (they are still in). The chiropractor thought perhaps we should get them out now to avoid problems – I’m not sure. I need to see what the ENT says.

l’ll let you know how things progress!

Additionally, don’t know if I told you, we got a grant for Christopher to get further therapies for his autism. I need to call and schedule that – we’re so grateful, just have to figure out when to fit it in around what will be Ryan’s new therapies, and Colleen’s and Chris’s present activities. I had already cut out the Y entirely but had hoped to phase it back in next session, since it’s so good for the kids, and paid for by our community program for disabled kids (kind of wasteful not to use it!) But I needed a break for one session. Hope I can do all this — thank goodness I still have my aide 14 hours a week!


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My new journal!

2020 – so this was a diet page I made at I believe LiveJournal ( around 2006 while this blog also was still at LiveJournal.  I eventually merged them and just tagged the weight journals with the appropriate category, but this was the beginning of it… I also have an earlier weight journal at my old pre-blog site, here, that goes from around 1999-2005 –

I finally have it set up the way I want with the background picture! Now I need to find some readers and blog my weight loss like I hope to!

Some of my history is at my home page on my diet page (the second link, above, as this link is no longer valid). I plan to journal more here and hopefully meet a lot of great people in the meantime. This site is also interesting, the one I kept back in the late nineties.  (2020 update —  Happy there are still links viewable from the “oocities” Geocities archive!!!

I started dieting on and off at the age of 10. I am now 40, so a 30 year history!

but now I must go, 3 year old is crabby!

add me if you’d like!


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If anyone can see why I suddenly can’t post pics, let me know???

I’m trying again here…. Ryan on the bus! I copied this from successful picture posting from the past….

If this doesn’t work you may hear me screaming, and as my kids are running wild and loose (and healthier now, so more able to get into trouble) now I will have to give up and be very crabby until tomorrow’s quiet time!!

dori, perfectionist ADD type who has trouble giving up on things that bear no importance at 7:10 p.m. on a school night with her house a mess and screaming 3 year old next to her.


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st patty

I love St. Patrick’s day — it has a lot of meaning for me because 11 years ago we were stuck paying for 2 households, and on St. Patrick’s day 94 our trailer sold that day for cash and we got out of the hole right before my precious Colleen was born. (not fun, paying a trailer payment, lot rent, and a mortgage on another house!!!).

So we have a big bash every year for St. Patrick’s day – corned beef, cabbage, etc., and this year I’m making green jello jigglers and green cake —

party on, and no alcohol even involved 🙂

We are feeling MUCH BETTER, and I’ve never been so grateful for good health! One week ago my temp was climbing and I was sick on the couch. Ugh. Now my MIL has it – I feel so bad. We went to the birthday party Sunday she had, thinking we weren’t contagious anymore — not even knowing we’d had influenza. She just said, none of us knew, don’t worry about it, and it’s going around everywhere. I just feel so bad for her….


look for surveys soon — I’ve borrowed 3 now that I need to fill out S – O – O – N

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