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Ryan autism?


2020 – so with Chris first mention of autism from a doctor was around summer/fall of 1994 until January of 1995.  He was 4.  Ryan’s first mention is at barely 3, in 2005.  I suppose with it being 10 years later they could spot it faster.  I also, remember, however, when Ryan was maybe a year younger that his pediatrician said there was NO WAY he had autism.  It’s strange how things work out.  With Chris, the first mention of autism was from my cousin, when she came to visit us from New York.  With Ryan, it was a note on a drs. report.  Never did we actually see ourselves and say, this person may have autism.  I guess parents are the last to know or see it….

On Ryan he has what’s called “a flat moderate sensorineural hearing loss bilaterally.” I got his report today and shared with some of the professionals that need it. I need to fax to more people tomorrow. In addition to following upon the hearing loss the final instruction was “continue with psychological/neurologic workup and monitoring for early identification of possible autism.” That kind of gave me the chills. I don’t know if they think he has autism or if it’s just family history — ugh.