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I did not take this pic, but I saw a similar effect yesterday driving to Ashtabula Kent Campus.  It was actually even more striking than this if that is possible.  The silver-tipped trees against the blue sky was very similar, but there was also the effect I could see, while driving and unable to stop and use my cell phone camera, of the rays of sun casting a sideways silvery glow across the sky adding to the blue and iced trees. It was magnificent!  I was full speed ahead to take my Math exam, which I was late for, and I wished I could stop on the way back to take the pictures but by then the effect was gone.  But the vision in my mind remains.

One thing I wish I could take the time to do, and the money of course, is to learn to use a better camera and take really  magnificent pictures!  But until then I will enjoy others’ and snap away with my Android phone which doesn’t do too bad —

Some of my favorites I’ve taken:

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God’s beauty in all seasons is amazing!

In other news, on the 30th I’ll be on my MFP (my Fitness Pal) plan for one month and so far I’ve lost 5 pounds!!  I’m the lowest I’ve been since about 2007. 

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birthdays with business as usual.

16th birthday party is all done and in the books.  I think Colleen and her friends had a good time.  I worked on and off the whole time, and we had a busy weekend with also taking Chris to the park with Ryan and Rog too.  Rog is feeling a lot better. 

I actually still need to send the one blog post still on to the Congresspeople about how there really needs to be way more help in Ohio for individuals with disabilities needing medication adjusting.  More posts, prayers, calls, and arrangements are still needed.  But thankfully Chris is doing better at this point and we really enjoyed our time at the park with him this weekend!


Photo344 I have been excited to find Windows Live Photo Gallery and with it Live Space, and plan to gradually get all my photos on there.  So going to work on that on and off.  Also, long story about how financial aid was messed up for me this summer deleted but short story is that I should be back in my class by tomorrow and have lots of homework to do!  busy!

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Summer and picture update


When I tried to straighten my hair

Not good results!

Ryan caught me asleep typing …

Colleen and her friend

Colleen having coffee

Chris after his sedated blood tests in May.  They did find out he had elevated triglycerides and low “good” cholesterol.

The man who succeeded in keeping Chris from running out of the hospital before sedation.

Walk Colleen & I took.


Geese by Mcdonalds!

Ryan fell asleep in my office chair behid me working.

The flat pool – sigh.  The rim leaks.

Anime girls…

Brunch with Lisa and Eric after church.
Me being goofy, playing with my hair.

Ryan playing the drums

Ryan at his sedated ABR – he also had a sedated blood test a week before.  They did fill 4 cavities and found his hearing was unchanged.  they did find a slight genetic prolem which Rog, me and Colleen are all being tested for tomorrow…..

I love the smile!

We saw two awesome sets of fireworks!  Chris didn’t want to leave the one and it took us about 2 hours before he’d get up off the ground!  He watched the second one from the car —
Rog and I went on a date with our friends, and here I am looking like Rosanne Rosanna Danna 😀  This was for our 20th and their 18th anniversary.  It was very very fun at a fish house!

Those goofy guys!

Ryan at the picnic the next day at their house.

Bullet update —

  • I stay very tired.  I should be sleeping now!
  • I have increased from about 1 hour of audio a week to 3-4 hours of audio.  Each hour of audio involves 6-9 hours of work 😛
  • I do love my job.
  • Each boy has 40 hours of aides available to them now.  What a blessing it is!  I just wish we could get steady workers for Ryan.  Our favorite one quit.
  • Chris has had the same aide since 04!  We love her!
  • I have a chronic cough now and no idea why.  I have to go back on Claritin.
  • Roger is working more hours as well and did about 8 hours of transcription today for me.  He’s still doing court research in Ohio and PA.
  • Along with our rise in income, has accompanied a sickening raise in gasoline and food prices.  So we’re not progressing.
  • I love our house and area we live and hope we don’t ever have to leave until we’re ready to retire in North Carolina.
  • I went back to church about 6 weeks ago and am so happy!  I love the praise music especially with the band.
  • I want to play guitar again.  They’re at in-laws after ryan smashed Colleen’s guitar.
  • Ryan is almost potty trained – still having trouble with #2….
  • My house is a wreck and I never have time to clean it.
  • I rely a lot on my family.