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My new journal!

2020 – so this was a diet page I made at I believe LiveJournal ( around 2006 while this blog also was still at LiveJournal.  I eventually merged them and just tagged the weight journals with the appropriate category, but this was the beginning of it… I also have an earlier weight journal at my old pre-blog site, here, that goes from around 1999-2005 –

I finally have it set up the way I want with the background picture! Now I need to find some readers and blog my weight loss like I hope to!

Some of my history is at my home page on my diet page (the second link, above, as this link is no longer valid). I plan to journal more here and hopefully meet a lot of great people in the meantime. This site is also interesting, the one I kept back in the late nineties.  (2020 update —  Happy there are still links viewable from the “oocities” Geocities archive!!!

I started dieting on and off at the age of 10. I am now 40, so a 30 year history!

but now I must go, 3 year old is crabby!

add me if you’d like!


please check out my home page,

3 thoughts on “My new journal!”

  1. stuck at 185, but don’t lose hope

    I was stuck at 185 for almost a year after starting my weight loss journey at 212. I finally got past the 185 and am currently at 165 with 20 more pounds to reach my goal. I can honestly say it was a mental block during that year I was at 185. I finally broke down and rather than making my weight loss my first priority, I set a new goal…to run a marathon. I have asthma, so it may be ridiculous to set this goal, but I started off slow, running for 60 seconds at a time. Five months have passed and I am now at 12 minutes. Please don’t lose site of your goal, once you make that commitment to yourself…success is around the corner. It seemed that once I allowed myself to focus on the work it took to get to the goal, rather than the goal….the weight came tumbling down! Keep up the good work and don’t give up!

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