Spice is gone.

Time: Saturday, 2/26/2005 9:49:41 PM (#66046)
User: dori

Spice is gone.

I don’t mean she died – she escaped! We are looking for her now, and we set a bucket trap of seed in the living room and 4 seeds in each room with the lights out and towels under the doors. I’ve been so sick and tired I didn’t clean, so now have lots of boxes of toys,etc., to look through for a little sleeping escapee —

I hope she didn’t die or get outside….

Time: Sunday, 2/27/2005 5:46:38 AM (#66047)
User: dori

Comments: early a.m., my pets hub post —

haven’t found her yet, but in the middle of the night last night I thought I heard scratching and rustling in our bedroom. We brought the cage in there. And the sunflower seeds I’d left in every room, they were gone in our room.

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birthdays, Ryan

ONE MORE WEEK, one more day

WOW, time flies. Tomorrow is my and Ryan’s birthday. He’s 3, I’m 40, tomorrow, at 1:53 and 1:56 (approximately!) respectively. Three years ago at about 2:00 (it’s 1:45 now) my labor JUST started. I had my first labor pains with him ironically during “A Baby Story.” It got severe about 8 hours later in the early evening. I drove my daughter to the Y and also picked her up during labor! I felt like I was falling out. But the pains were not consistent or extremely severe so I didn’t go into the hospital until 1 a.m., after my water broke (right after Sarah Hughes won the 2002 Skating Gold Medal (gold? I think? Unless it was silver????)

Man, it seems like yesterday. He was born the next afternoon, on my birthday.

Gotta finish cleanup today—- kids home, president’s day. busy busy.

more soon — Ryan starts preschool next Monday!!!!


adhd, autism, speech delay, work

Cutting down on computer time.

just posted this in my other group — thought I’d update here too.

Time: Sunday, 2/13/2005 10:34:34 AM (#65523)
User: dori

Comments: Hi – had to make a tough decision about 5 weeks ago and cut out just about all my computer time.

Quick update – Since Ryan quit napping right after Christmas, I made the decision to cut down/out the computer time because it was becoming unsafe to not monitor him at all times. Even now I’m watching him over my shoulder,but he’s eating at the moment. He is into everything, climbing up on ledges, cabinets, tables, etc. He still will often throw things, including pitchers of juice, etc. He is in speech therapy 3x a week still and starts preschool in 2 weeks (2/28). I am looking forward to a break and I think some structured school time will be good for him as well. He barely made it (by 2 points or so) into the special needs class in our city due to his speech. Of course that means we are hopeful he will be catching up on speech even further, which means he wouldn’t be eligible next year, but then maybe he can get into headstart. He will be in a special needs/typical mixed preschool from 2/28 until end of year in May.

Chris is still sleeping well and fairly healthy. He has periodic fits still where he runs through the house hitting himself and us and the walls – maybe 2x a week at this point (down from 2-3 times a day at Christmas when he had a cold).

Colleen is doing well in school and has speech and OT as well. She is also going to counseling 1x a week, since November.

Our work situation is still the same, Rog is looking, not finding anything, but his work is steady, and I had to stop looking “for” him as my job is these kids’ mom and right now Ryan is my biggest challenge. We have lost our insurance, but the kids still have theirs. Thank God.

I’d better go… I’ll try and post when he goes to school 😉


Time: Sunday, 2/13/2005 10:36:21 AM (#65524)
User: dori

Comments: He actually quit napping before Christmas, but I was still putting him down for nap times and he’d nap about 1x a week. But what happened right after Christmas scared me so much I stopped putting him down – he jumped up and down so much that somehow he hit his face on the crib bars and split his lip and bruised his gum. We thought he’d have to go to the ER it was bleeding so much. But it stopped, and it healed up. But no more “quiet time” in the day in the crib for him…