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Yes, I remember Thanksgiving is coming, and I’m ready – I LOVE Thanksgiving! But I just wanted to get my Christmas background done here before it’s almost Christmas and I have no time to do it!!!

We’re surviving okay – Chris is having a little trouble sleeping again which isn’t fun but it’s not as bad as it was. We have a problem with his ears being blocked up right now which we’re not sure how to deal with.

I’m trying to get Christmas shopping done early so I can just deal with all the school events, etc., in December! I already am starting Christmas card/newsletter prep. I hope to get them out by Dec 1!!!! We are overbooked with activities – here’s our schedule: (And remember our busy 2 3/4 year old is with -me ALL the time, doesn’t nap, and sleeps like 8-5 a.m. (I can’t go to bed at 8 because of other kids still being up until 10 or so).

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a little update finally —

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it is a lazy Sunday and I have SO much cleaning to do.

Last I wrote Chris was having a VERY VERY VERY bad time. We had an awful 4 months – February – sinus infections, ear infections with ear injury from hitting; March, 2 ear surgeries, missed most of the whole month off of school, plus drug reaction to Seroquel/Risperdol and withdrawal; April, entire month, I believe, from school, just about (he may have gone a week or so), had 1-2 more sinus infections; May, Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy, and finally had to start more meds as he was still being aggressive, self-injurious, and very very upset and not sleeping at all hardly (like 3-4 hours every few days is all); and June started horribly as well but FINALLY last 3-4 days his new meds (Tenex) is kicking in and he’s sleeping a little more and is seeming happier. FINALLY.

(2020 pans/pandas)

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anyone familiar with north carolina?

We are again considering moving to North Carolina — I’m sure I’ve never posted it here (at least I don’t think so) as the last time we seriously considered it was 1997.
But with my husband needing to find a new job we are now thinking of it again – since there is a job move in the future anyway we’d like to consider whether to move to NC. We live in NE Ohio.

The reasons we have considered NC is that:

For one thing it is beautiful and close to the mountains and the ocean!

But another more important is that TEACCH for autism is centered down there, and though it is now up in Ohio too it started in NC and I have a feeling there may be more centralized schooling for Chris at all ages and perhaps adult centers as well — I seem to remember that there was, from when we traveled and visited there in 1997.

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