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We got important news today. Ryan had an ABR plus another sensitive hearing test under sedation. Surprisingly, to all of us, he does have hearing loss in both ears. She said his hearing loss I believe is about 50 which seems to be described on the internet as Moderate — 40-68 dBHL (decibels hearing level). I am curious what that means he hears – Colleen had the list of what sounds are at what decibels in her science notes a few months ago coincidentally but they’re not in our house now, but at her school in her desk….

We’ll get the report next week and need to follow up immediately with ENT on further guidance. She believed hearing aides will be necessary, along with further therapy aside from the speech therapy he gets – another kind of therapy will be necessary that relates to hearing loss itself. Anyone else going through this? She also said the ENT may be able to help us see what caused it. I was concerned it was his ear tubes – she said no. Then we saw the chiropractor today and he said, yes, it could be. Then I looked online and I see that “rarely” the tubes can cause further hearing loss and possibly perforation, and further problems when the tubes come out (they are still in). The chiropractor thought perhaps we should get them out now to avoid problems – I’m not sure. I need to see what the ENT says.

l’ll let you know how things progress!

Additionally, don’t know if I told you, we got a grant for Christopher to get further therapies for his autism. I need to call and schedule that – we’re so grateful, just have to figure out when to fit it in around what will be Ryan’s new therapies, and Colleen’s and Chris’s present activities. I had already cut out the Y entirely but had hoped to phase it back in next session, since it’s so good for the kids, and paid for by our community program for disabled kids (kind of wasteful not to use it!) But I needed a break for one session. Hope I can do all this — thank goodness I still have my aide 14 hours a week!


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