I have been under the weather since Tuesday night and it’s getting old… but I know it’s ALMOST OVER! Ryan tested positive for influenza virus yesterday at the drs. (he got sick Wednesday night) Chris had gotten sick last Sunday night and finally went back to school Monday. Ryan’s going back to preschool tomorrow. So we know what we had. Luckily (so far) neither Rog nor Colleen have gotten this.

I hadn’t been that sick in years though – 2-3 times my temp was almost 101 (for me that’s high) and the barking cough, headache on and off, and aches. I thought I was all better today (had been feeling better since Saturday) but for some reason the aches are back in my legs. Ugh!

Ryan’s temp was 104 on Thursday, and on and off 103, 102, etc., through until about Saturday. He’s doing better and finally ate breakfast this morning. Chris’s temp had been over 103 twice too.

I am overwhelmed now with housework but at the moment can’t get started. Yesterday I cleaned up the living room, made a dinner, and cleaned under the dining table, and ran dishwasher. I still have tons of dishes to wash, and laundry to do.

Would anyone like some cheese with my whine…..