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so odd — this was Ryan’s first day to take the bus to school (his third day). He got on a little bus and rode away about 15 minute ago. I am alone. Monday I had Colleen home with pink eye so I wasn’t alone – we had some quality time together playing board games. Yesterday I dropped him off and stayed awhile, having him practicing getting on the bus (he rode it home yesterday). Today is my first day to have the whole time at home (11:50-2:30 when Chris gets home). Ryan doesn’t get home until 3:10.

My life as a mom is changing again. Baby’s growing up!

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(copied from Pet Hub) HAPPY DANCE!

I just found Spice! I was sitting here only 5-10 minutes after posting my last disappointed worried “giving up” post, and out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving by the front closet by our front door. It was Spice! I slowly got down on the floor after getting some food (luckily only about 3 feet away in my cabinet) and cupped my hands and gently called her (my heart was pounding!!)  Luckily we had hand-tamed her!! She came and got a honey drop and crawled in my hand, and then I cupped her and carried her to the cage. Her cage was half apart as we were going to just take it down soon!!! So I just set her in there, gave her more food and watched her drink some water.

WE ARE SO HAPPY! I woke my 10 year old daughter and told her. I put all the parts of the cage together but still keep checking it – I don’t trust it anymore.

I’m thinking of going to Walmart today and buying a huge rubbermaid bin to just set her whole cage down into for right now (she has a Crittertrail.) I can’t afford to buy a new cage right now. What do you guys think? Advice?

Ahhhh, so happy to have our girl home!!!!