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12-28-2020 First major change on this blog in about 14 years.  Click here for my blog!  Just today I decided to make a cover page, having never had one.  As I wasn’t sure where to put my collage picture with my current Christmas background, it is nice to see it right on my front page….

I spent the past year going through this entire blog duplicated on another mirror site, deleting the old monetization codes, deleting some items I didn’t like, and making sure all the pictures showed up.  Unfortunately when I ported it back into this site, reinstalling WordPress, I lost a few years of images that were on some of the blog pages.  I will be working to get those back up.  But it’s nice to be working more on this blog again.  Looking forward to more content in 2021.

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First web sites

One of my first web sites is still right here and the second one here  The kids’ sites work on this second one.  I will be spending a while someday checking it all for dead links, etc. and refreshing the picture links. My first site ever, a Geocities site, unfortunately, is gone.  Geocities closed in 2009, and I saved as much of it as I could before it closed up totally but I ran out of time.  Gladly, in 2018 or 2019 I found a GEOCITIES mirror archive blog totally by accident of one of my side pages off of my old Geocities blog.  I managed to find the main link and here it is!  Of course there’s ads and some dead links but so cool to see it!  Someday will merge that content into my other pages.  So, here, my FIRST EVER web site — Criscoll’s cottage that was in the Heartland section of the late 90’s Geocities….

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Our updates


Now an old married couple with 33 years of marriage under our belts, we are working full time weekends as Direct Support Personnel (DSP’s) for our two sons, Chris, 30, and Ryan 18.  Colleen lives independently and works at pet stores and has an amazing menagerie of pets.  Roger and I continue to do court research and are slightly intimidated by how much work has piled up that we cannot do yet with this pandemic.  With the boys back at workshop and a new year beginning we hope to get back to work going to courthouses in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York.  I also substitute teach, which I will still do sometimes, more after we catch up on our business. is back at its domain and we also plan to do many updates on that site.  I also have re-signed to do transcription, but haven’t officially started that yet.

Roger is going back to college next month to work in human services to help individuals with disabilities!  He is enrolled in his first human services course.  We are very excited!  I graduated in 2018 with an educational studies bachelor’s degree, and hope to someday add a teaching license to that as I was unable to finish student teaching, but did finish demonstration teaching course.  I have been working as a substitute teacher since 2019.


I’m dori, and I’ve been married to Rog for almost 23 years now. We are blessed with three children, Chris, age 19, who has autism and is totally deaf; Colleen, almost 16; and Ryan, age 8, who is hearing impaired and speech delayed and has autism. All three are very smart and creative and a joy in our lives.

It is my goal in this blog to tell our story, and to meet others like us, and share our information that may help others, and perhaps gather information that will help us.

I have made a business blog –, where I am in the processing of beginning to share the worlds of court research and transcription. We participate in these careers, and I have also just gone back to school to be a speech language pathologist with an emphasis on autism/deafness treatment.

And here and there I love to share surveys and music tidbits on the 70’s and 80’s especially.

We are Christian, and we enjoy music, especially guitar-playing, singing, and songwriting. We also all love drawing pretty well and Colleen is very gifted at creating anime both drawn by hand and on the computer. I also enjoy knitting and crocheting. I also love making web sites and blogging.

blessings, dori

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