back to school?

I just joined a new community here on Live Journal called backtocollege. I’m so glad it exists, as I have to make a decision that I have been considering for years.

I will copy this entry there as well…

I know I’ve typed here about school before, but can’t remember if I ever tried to work out the decision making here before.


colleen, Ryan, weight


I am feeling ready to change my background soon — I may dabble in it yet today.

I did update my weight site (weighdownagain is my user name for that) – — I am on the road again – 3rd day of foodmover (richard simmons). I hope for success!!!

We kept colleen in her regular school, didn’t move her. She is doing tremendous in her trumpet and very well in school.

We don’t have word yet on next step for Ryan – I do believe it’s hearing aids but his appt with ENT is April 20.

That’s about it for now…



A new start!

Post from the Weight journal —


I am finally back on track (I HOPE!). I started Foodmover for sure on Friday (after 2-3 half-starts and also trying to figure out WHICH diet to do). It is Richard Simmons’ plan and one I have done before, and I have done Richard’s plans often dating back to Deal-A-Meal and the Never-Say-Diet plan of the early 80’s. I have begun walking again too, and hope to add in strength training and aerobic tapes too.

After South Beach last year (a very good plan too, but one I just can’t focus on right now due to all that’s going on my life) on which I lost 18 pounds, I have gained back 13 pounds. Thank goodness the whole amount isn’t back on. I’ve been in denial about why my 16’s don’t fit (this is a SMALL 16, oh, and THIS one is a small 16, okay, how can they ALL be now SMALL 16’S?) UGH, you get the picture. I have ballooned back up into 18’s, trying to wear 16s, and resorting to sweat pants. So, give me a month, hopefully I can be back in 16’s again. I hope… I can’t afford to buy new clothes!


(old progress had been last summer — 187-169-125.)

I’ll get there….