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anyone familiar with north carolina?

We are again considering moving to North Carolina — I’m sure I’ve never posted it here (at least I don’t think so) as the last time we seriously considered it was 1997.
But with my husband needing to find a new job we are now thinking of it again – since there is a job move in the future anyway we’d like to consider whether to move to NC. We live in NE Ohio.

The reasons we have considered NC is that:

For one thing it is beautiful and close to the mountains and the ocean!

But another more important is that TEACCH for autism is centered down there, and though it is now up in Ohio too it started in NC and I have a feeling there may be more centralized schooling for Chris at all ages and perhaps adult centers as well — I seem to remember that there was, from when we traveled and visited there in 1997.

I have also gotten the impression that there is more help for autistic and other disabled people in the southern states and also in the West, in addition to a few centers in New Jersey and New York. I am not finding much so far in Ohio.

I would love some feedback if anyone knows of the educational system in NC, or even the environment in general and whether a move would be a good idea.

There is also a cool-sounding Queens University there in Charlotte that has both a business college for my dh and a music therapy program for me!!

But I’m not one to make a move blindly – it scares me to death to leave my family and friends and home and it better be worth it….. our family/friends/support system/doctors/hospitals/schools/, etc. are here and it is hard to leave all that!!!



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