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  1. Hi

    I am The mom of two neat kids one with Bipolar and ADHD the other has major depression I work with special needs kids. Mentally ill kids mostly but we get some MR and MI

    1. Re: Hi

      THank you for your introduction! You have a challenging life and job too. God bless you. My autistic child has been thought of having bipolar but has never been diagnosed. HOw old are your kids? Do you work full time or part time?

      1. Re: Hi

        My daughter (severe depression but VERY gifted not genetic I assure you) is 16 My son (ADHD BIPOLAR but really sweet) is 13. I work full time and then some It seems like we never have enough help. I worked as a teacher’s assistant in an austic class a few years ago. They were a challenging group but I loved them dearly they are neat kids. Donna

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