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My latest —


Okay, time to do a real goal sheet. Today was my day for planning and uploading audio. I am excited about this work list – it’s probably the most I’ve ever had at once!! May I manage it well —


Hopefully by tomorrow:

(shouldn’t be a problem if I quit doing admin stuff and get my fingers going…

by Monday:

And these are two a week until they’re done — so —
4 1/2 weeks – March 25 or so.

And these are by March 4:
3 hours 43 minutes hearing 😉

And here’s my appts!

* Tomorrow, my boobie ultrasound
* Ryan’s birthday
* Turn in Colleen’s school schedule
* Monday – NO school for Colleen or Ryan
* Their physicals at 8:40 a.m.
* Wed. – vocation program viewing for Chris – I think
* March 7 – audiology appt for Chris at 9
* March 10 – Chris’ physical
* March 12 – Colleen’s dentist
* March 14th – Chris’s psychiatry appt.
* March 17th – Chris’s IEP
* March 18th – Ryan’s sedated ABR, blood tests, dental cleaning
* April 1st – Chris’s sedated ABR, blood tests, dental cleaning, vision screening
* April 2nd – Chris & Ryan’s follow up audiology appt.

And I know Ryan’s IEP will be coming up. We are also meeting soon with MRDD for Ryan to get him on waivers, etc., as an elementary school student. We’re also going to be meeting with more people on other waivers for both boys, as well as new nursing/aides coming in for the boys (yes, most likely both boys, yay!).

I have a lot of calls to make but I think right now I need to just start typing for a few hours – and —


Put on some chicken to stew for dinner.


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Lest you think I forgot you —

I’m alive!

Kids have all been sick again. Ryan is home sick with the intestinal garbage (I think he fell asleep). Colleen missed 3 1/2 days this week, Chris missed one. Mom was here this week and now she doesn’t feel well. My days may be numbered. Rog was sick earlier this week while he was out of town.

I still have so much work!!! It just keeps coming. Legal interviews, hearings, a focus group, and even working on a web site for someone! Rog just got more work approved too – YAY!!

Some pics — and then back to work!
First, the brand new sink we got in our bathroom last weekend! Rog and his dad worked about 8 hours on this! The old one had quit working and only leaked drips of water and nothing else.
Ryan just a little while ago – I thought he was sleeping —
Then he turned over and looked at me and said “cheese” —






What he’s watching – or sleeping through, by now! He even loves the teen shows like Hannah Montana and Zach and Cody…

What I’ve been eating. Too. many. of.
How I type – for the non-seasoned to transcription world readers – though the ORANGE is an extra item that I didn’t know was there – suppose I may eat it with my lunch? This is my money maker and occasionally cramp-in-the-foot maker!! I switch feet, often. It’s sitting on my scanner so I have some height so my foot doesn’t get too sore… I download audio into Express Scribe or For the Record and type away.
Today’s ice/snow storm. I don’t think we got it as bad as south –

and I just realized I completely missed the news that would have told me (12:30 p.m. now)

Back to work!


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My day – November out with a bang–

My to-do list today: from 6  a.m. to 3 p.m.
* Get rid of headache from h*** (already laid down quite a bit and took 2 Excedrin Migraine pills) — Well it’s better but I still feel goofy. I had to nap for like 60 minutes as I felt so off and getting nauseous.
* Get two more kids on the bus
* Take bath/shower
* Order Avon today
* Finish reading over hearings due today (I’m way ahead on this and QUITE HAPPY about that! — I have read 4 3/4’s of 6 hearings and will finish reading them shortly when I get back home.
* Start job today that I was going to start Monday (headache permitting) — Not going to happen, I don’t think
* Call lady I’m doing speech trans for as she never called me back yesterday. Explain that I probably won’t get sizeably through this until week of the 10th (finish by 15th or so???) — Didn’t yet but will try from car
* Unpack remaining Christmas stuff and get boxes up to attic (I KNEW it would take all week this week – not bad, “bite-size” portions– didn’t happen.
* Mail in printer ink rebate — I’ll just do this tomorrow
* Make a decent dinner in crockpot — just going to put up something quick at store
* Go to grocery store — Going to run in very quickly now, get a few things, and get gas, AND THEN have to pick up sick kid at school (again) which is pretty well going to throw off all the above plans because of the length of time involved to do so involved in distance driving, etc., before other kids come home…. They don’t want to put him on the bus because he’s on there for an hour while they pick up kids for another school, etc.
* Buy Christmas stamps — Will try and remember this at the store! DIDN’T REMEMBER.
* Do A TON of dishes (they’re piling up badly)
* Laundry (unspoken amount still remaining and WET)
* Start cleaning up basement (this weekend probably) again for basement treating people coming next Thursday.

I realized that I’ll actually be off work next Wed., Thurs., and Fri (mammogram, basement people coming, and my Christmas plans with my friend) so I need to make full use of today, Monday and Tuesday!!!

headache be GONE!

later – GOT Chris picked up. GOT ahold of new client (yay, she’s happy with my doing job by 15th!). Still sick and nauseous with migraine…

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End of sickness?

Finally made appt. for the dr. for my bronchitis.

I keep thinking of canceling the appt. and then I cough more. I have long hours between coughing sometimes but when I cough again it’s often a long drawn out spell.

So I’ll let you know when I come home what they’ve said – I’ve been sick since October 29.

Chris and Colleen are now both on antibiotics for sinus infections after their bouts with this virus. And Ryan is coughing again after not coughing for 1 week so I think he’s next to go back in.


Well, I have an antibiotic but she said to wait a few days as she’s not convinced I actually have bronchitis yet. She said this virus is bad lasts over 2 weeks, and that combined with my asthma could be why I’m still coughing. So I’m glad I went and got the antibiotic to fill if I need to.


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Harrison the Mouse, and our trip story

and other every day occurrences!  In a life that’s so unique sometimes, it’s kind of liberating to know we have problems like other people’s. 😉

After our oldest son Chris enjoyed quite a bit of a movie downstairs with us (RV – pretty cute!) we were getting ready to go upstairs (he had wanted a shower a few times during the movie and had gone up for his 2nd or 3rd one).  I was going in the laundry room to check on the towel load (it never dries in one cycle) and Rog drew in a deep breath and I said, “What is it?”  He replied that he saw the mouse (the phantom mouse that we’ll see once or twice and never see again so we think it’s gone).  Colleen had already named it Harrison.  We had half-heartedly bought traps last early winter and set them, but then de-activated them when we’d seen nothing of Harrison(s) for weeks and our lovely Spice escaped down into the basement and in her 8th life did NOT get trapped by one (she later did die in the basement in the sump pump though). 

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The Fall Cold

halloween 001

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

The fall cold:
In my HEAD
And COMING SOON – outside!
Ah well. OF course, this is normal. All of it. 3 days into the head cold, and eager to be done with it! My energy is down. Then, bracing for the outdoor cold coming tomorrow – possible snow! But me, I’m strange, I kind of like it. I remember when Colleen was Ryan’s age and she said “snow on the pumpkins!” I’d like to hear my Ryan say that.

But he’s coming along – he regularly says “pumpkin.” And yesterday he looked up at the full moon without my prompting and said “moon” (but pronounced it “moan” ha ha!).  And it was the early morning chilly air, waiting for the bus for his preschool, and a bird flew across the sky in the dawn and he said “bird” and pointed.

Coming soon, the story of our Atwood Lake day on Sunday and how Chris found Nancy! (We were lost and separated from our friend gang….)



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my crazy life goes on…

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been scarce. hope everyone is well! I had a crazy morning but just resting now. I decided not to go to the exercise class originally because I had a headache AND had to go to the store. Still hoping to go 2x a week but only been there once so far.

I’m going with Ryan to Giant Eagle after he gets home, and rest and clean while he’s at school. I’m going to take a shower/bath in a little while. I’ve already done half the dailies. I just got the shakes because I didn’t eat any protein this morning so I just had an egg sandwich and hopefully those shakes will calm down. Maybe I’m shaking from the migraine meds too…

I may also have a headache because I’m out of cocacola – don’t know. Going to buy some at the store – yum!

This morning I lost Ryan’s hearing aides, bookbag, and shoes, and my library card. I found the hearing aides in time for school (remembered I’d put them in this little bag) but not the shoes until after he went to school in sandals. Still haven’t found the bookbag or the library card. Luckily the library renewed them over the phone with my drivers license, but said it was a one-time favor.

My aide was in an accident as in the hospital! I don’t know any more than that. Prayers appreciated!

Rog is doing good. Got 248 files done yesterday and his goal today is 300. Then tomorrow he should be finishing up and come home. God is providing and sustaining us.

I’m still looking at court reporting or captioning so I can bring in hopefully in one day what it takes a week to make now – that would be more worth it. I wish I could start the court reporting course now but know it’s above my ability with all on my plate at this time. And from what I’ve seen it’s all online, I believe. So I would hardly have to leave the house 🙂

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Comments: Good morning! So far I feel wonderful this morning! I had what I think was a mild migraine last night (no aura or anything) and it responded to Exedrin Migraine. I slept like 10 until 7 a.m. and got a shower. Everyone is still sleeping.

The web site of the conference information is

But I see that hardly any has been transferred yet of the 14 breakout sessions that they had. 3, I think. I plan to read over those three as those were ones I did not attend. We attended the keynote speech by Sean Barron and got the book he and Temple Grandin wrote. We got to speak to him and his girlfriend Barbara and had them sign the book. That was awesome! He ate at Quiznos with her – we saw them in the cafeteria – I wanted to take a picture but restrained myself 😉

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Hello- I was planning for today to be the day I read and post, but instead I had a migraine until 1 p.m. with vomiting. Yuck.

But wanted to say hello anyway as I know it’s been a while. Now I must clean up the house – boy what mess two boys can make when you’re sick on the couch.

But I hadn’t had a migraine since January, so that’s progress. I have been doing the exercises my chiropractor gave me and I think that was the difference. But now I may get them more because of spring allergies – yuck. But I’ll still do my exercises.

If I don’t work tomorrow maybe I can take 1 hour to read and post – that sounds heavenly!

I’ve done some reorganizing and planning some painting projects. I’ll post before and afters.

love, dori


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moving in again?

All Christmas stuff is put away and we got over the last batch of illnesses in time for the kids to start school last week. Colleen and Chris finished their antibiotics and Chris got over his skin infection (phew!).

Yesterday Ryan got sick. He’s had a temp for 2 days and he’s going to dr. today. I don’t feel great – hope I’m not coming down with it. Ironically my appt. for my migraines is Thursday so if I do get sick – good timing (as long as I’m not too sick to drive there!). Rog has been sick for 3 weeks (not in bed the whole time) and I’m trying to get him to the dr. It was not a bad time to be sick though as it’s the annual “no work” time at work – he hopes to have tons of work by next week as it looks like it’s piling up there to be assigned (he cleans as his own business the same office they assign work from).

What else? Yes, our older computer seems to have died – the one we got in 2000. I’m so glad we got this one (summer of 05) and managed to get everything transferred over, just about (it was acting up so I was worried and kept booting it for as long as it would stay booted and moved over the network). I tore it down and took downstairs to await someone having time to look at it that knows more than I do. I’m also getting my old computer back (the 1995 one) to set up for the kids downstairs.

After feeling temporarily very caught up after Christmas with everything neat and tidy, we brought like 30 boxes up here from the basement, garage, our old house, and Gayle’s. YIKES! I feel like I just moved in again. And there’s more coming. All the boxes from my mother’s have yet to come (17 huge rubbermaid bins, she says, plus massive amounts of bags), and also everything out of our attic at the other house, the shed, and probably 10-20 more boxes out of the main floor of the house over there.

I’m so glad we don’t have to do this again for YEARS!

going to do a few more dishes and maybe go lay down with Ryan for a while…..

love, dori