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End of sickness?

Finally made appt. for the dr. for my bronchitis.

I keep thinking of canceling the appt. and then I cough more. I have long hours between coughing sometimes but when I cough again it’s often a long drawn out spell.

So I’ll let you know when I come home what they’ve said – I’ve been sick since October 29.

Chris and Colleen are now both on antibiotics for sinus infections after their bouts with this virus. And Ryan is coughing again after not coughing for 1 week so I think he’s next to go back in.


Well, I have an antibiotic but she said to wait a few days as she’s not convinced I actually have bronchitis yet. She said this virus is bad lasts over 2 weeks, and that combined with my asthma could be why I’m still coughing. So I’m glad I went and got the antibiotic to fill if I need to.


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