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Comments: Good morning! So far I feel wonderful this morning! I had what I think was a mild migraine last night (no aura or anything) and it responded to Exedrin Migraine. I slept like 10 until 7 a.m. and got a shower. Everyone is still sleeping.

The web site of the conference information is

But I see that hardly any has been transferred yet of the 14 breakout sessions that they had. 3, I think. I plan to read over those three as those were ones I did not attend. We attended the keynote speech by Sean Barron and got the book he and Temple Grandin wrote. We got to speak to him and his girlfriend Barbara and had them sign the book. That was awesome! He ate at Quiznos with her – we saw them in the cafeteria – I wanted to take a picture but restrained myself 😉

Then we attended the breakout sessions: “You Can’t Put a Square Peg in a Round Hole: Finding and Funding a Pragmatic Path to Supported Employment Joe and Marilyn Henn, Parents of a daughter with autism; recipients of ASPE’s 1999 Supported Employment Award;This 2 1/2 hour presentation spans 25 years showing how the Henn’s daughter Nancy progressed from preschool to school to work and finally to full time employment with benefits. Learn how family, agencies, and funding sources collaborated to provide their daughter with individualized housing, transportation, job development, recreation and ongoing behavioral supports. What was astonishing in all this was the girl was nonverbal, aggressive, biting people, and doing excessive tics and unacceptable behavior. They gave an example how in her late teens she did get in a fit because at work at one time they didn’t let her have a pop and she threw a fit, biting two people at the human services office in Akron, Ohio where she worked and then taking all of her clothes off. So they have a behavior mod. aide with her 24 hours a day and say they will have one with her the rest of her life. She is in a small group home covered by the I/O waiver in Ohio (which we’re on a 20-year waiting list for) and the aide drives her back and forth to work and stays with her at work. She pays the aide with her work salary. There’s even more than that but the important thing is I got these parents email address and they said they might be able to give me assistance in getting a behavioral aide for Chris with his behavioral problems (I didn’t go into the details of the problem in the group but just said we had some problems). So that seemed a very good contact!

The other two we attended were: Assessing a Home Environment, A component of The Frontier Initiative, Dan Hurd, Director of Residential Services, Mike Noe, Coordinator of Autism Services, Ardmore Center for Autism, Learn about the Frontier Initiative Goals then view a Power Point presentation exploring how to reduce sensory stimuli making the home environment functional, comfortable and adaptable for individuals with autism,

This was awesome as it was researched information on how fung shei (sp?) approaches, clutter free, distraction free, and colors really affect most autistic people. My ADHD-style house contributed to by myself, my daughter, my little son (probably!) is having a direct bad effect on my order-craving son. (And husband, I believe as well). I am determined to change this and will share shortly the schedule I’ve made myself. I have the email of the people that did this study and they invited people to write and get the study results in their email (pages and pages). I want to read the study. They did a 10 pages long thing (approx) called “The Environmental Assessment Tool, the Residential Walk Thru” starting with the Front Yard and going through the whole house. I’ll show more of that later (maybe I’ll scan and put a link from my Photobucket later) as I’m growing to be STARVING and want to eat. But, last but not least the last breakout session:

Development and Use of Visual Supports for Individuals who are Nonspeaking, Pamela Mitchel, Ph.D., Hattie Larlham Research Institute. This session will provide an overview of categories and use of visual supports, including instructional organizational and communicative. Participants will plan and construct a sample visual support display and discuss its potential use with an individual or individuals they select.” This was very good to view all the tech-speech items they use and also get feed back on the icon schedules we’re making for the boys (I’ll post those on photobucket too).

more on all this later – I think that’s enough info for now!

dori, not proofing, TOO HUNGRY!

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I wanted to cut and paste this here — my housecleaning schedule. I mucked it up for a while trying to insert my whole daily schedule into it with all my appointments, etc., and weekly appointments, and it was just too big and crowded for me to even follow. So this is what I’ve established now and would like feedback:

make beds
wash dishes
wipe down bathroom
pick up toys/clutter
sweep kitchen
plan dinner
wipe counters
do one load of laundry

empty wastebaskets
file mail
update to-do list
pack lunches
assemble outfits & bookbags
do one load of laundry
take garbage out to cans
pick up basement

MONDAY Grocery shopping. Work on annual chore
TUESDAY Clean bathroom, wash kitchen floor
WEDNESDAY Sort newspapers/magazines, dust and clean living room
THURSDAY Wash kitchen floor
FRIDAY Work on annual chore, dust and sweep bedrooms
SATURDAY To-do, bills, filing
SUNDAY Meal planning

JANUARY Filing Cabinet, tax return.
FEBRUARY Living room.
MARCH Kitchen.
APRIL Thoroughly clean Our Bedroom, weed & feed.
MAY Thoroughly clean Colleen’s Bedroom.
Seasonal: Clean out drawers, rotate mattresses, wash pads, seasonal sorting, clean out closets.
JUNE Thoroughly clean Chris’s Bedroom, Gardening.
JULY Thoroughly clean Ryan’s Bedroom. Bathroom, wash wastebaskets.
AUGUST Garage/Shed. Sort kids’ toys, prepare for school year.
SEPTEMBER Laundry room. Weed & feed. Clean out attic.
OCTOBER Seasonal: Clean out drawers, rotate mattresses, wash pads, seasonal sorting, clean out closets.
NOVEMBER Clean cupboards, clean out oven.

And this was my comment from yesterday night that I forgot to post but it’s valid too 😉 Time: Friday, 6/23/2006 8:59:42 PM (#82178)
User: dori

Comments: to tired to reply to ANYTHING.

Seminar was fantastic! Lots of contacts, too, for help. I’ll explain more later.

I just applied for 2 more transcription jobs at places affiliated with the TTC place I’m already with. I hope that they can give me more work than TTC; everything they have is too quick turnaround for me… please pray I get LOTS of work next week.  I am getting new Avon customers left and right, though!


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