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Harrison the Mouse, and our trip story

and other every day occurrences!  In a life that’s so unique sometimes, it’s kind of liberating to know we have problems like other people’s. 😉

After our oldest son Chris enjoyed quite a bit of a movie downstairs with us (RV – pretty cute!) we were getting ready to go upstairs (he had wanted a shower a few times during the movie and had gone up for his 2nd or 3rd one).  I was going in the laundry room to check on the towel load (it never dries in one cycle) and Rog drew in a deep breath and I said, “What is it?”  He replied that he saw the mouse (the phantom mouse that we’ll see once or twice and never see again so we think it’s gone).  Colleen had already named it Harrison.  We had half-heartedly bought traps last early winter and set them, but then de-activated them when we’d seen nothing of Harrison(s) for weeks and our lovely Spice escaped down into the basement and in her 8th life did NOT get trapped by one (she later did die in the basement in the sump pump though). 

So we really didn’t see much mice life after that until recently when we obtained a live trap.  We now have a Hartz live trap set in the basement with peanut butter.  If he/she/they go in there, someone will have to release it across the street at the creek side behind the school. 

In other news, we also joined into the ordinary world of a one-tank trip last Sunday!  I had already posted pictures and promised the story, especially of how Chris found Nancy (which wasn’t ordinary!).  First, we got out the door by 9:30 (half hour late) and met our friends for the 2 1/2 hour trip south.  We went in two vehicles (van and truck) and stopped once for fry/rr break at McD’s and then went the rest of the way.  It’s a pretty drive that goes from our flatter (but still a little hilly!) NE Ohio area, to the more rolling hills and smaller “mountains” of Tuscarawas County.  We went to the Atwood Lake Fall Festival.  My husband also does work there for his business so it was familiar to him.

We lost touch via cell phone near the park (one of the side effects of the larger hills!) and were surprised when we turned into the entrance road to be in a large traffic jam.  Apparently this was a very popular day to visit this Fall Fest and car show!  We were in the traffic jam for 1 hour + and at a snail’s pace enjoyed the hilly view behind the trees, the autumn leaves, the crickets, and eventually the vista of the Atwood Lake with a lighthouse and a marina beyond that.

Momentarily then after the hour wait we arrived at the gate but were startled to see that our friends were being shown to turn one way and we were demanded to turn the other!  We tried to tell them that we needed to follow our friends but the policeman didn’t seem to hear or understand us.  So we turned left up a hill and parked, startled into silence after the sudden turn of events.

After eating quickly we decided to go ahead and try to find them, and searched through a parking lot about 1/4 mile down the road.  No sign of their vehicle, but a sudden sign of the lake at the distance caused us to turn around (Chris likes to try and get in lakes that he sees and without our friends’ supporting us we didn’t want to take any chances!).  So we began to walk another road hoping we could find them.

We kept glancing along the side of the road as we walked, looking for them all through the car show aisles that we could see (it was a very large show) and glancing to the other side as well.  Shortly Roger said, “Why don’t we turn back and find the information booth; maybe they’re there.”  I said, “I will, as soon as I can get Chris to turn around.”  Chris likes to keep walking straight and was having a ball looking at the cars; I was trying to see a good area to turn him in a large circle to turn instead of a sudden turning around which he wouldn’t like.  We went along another five minutes and I was about to try to the circle and Chris hadn’t turned yet.  I looked ahead towards where he was walking and there was Nancy waving to us and calling us!  It was so awesome.  I had been praying and it was like Chris led us right to her and her family when we were thinking of turning around.  Chris had an angel with him that let him to her. 

The rest of the day we enjoyed craft booths and furniture displays, some cold pop, and Ryan got to visit the playground.  We also looked at the cars again.  Then we left and had a nice lunch at Wendy’s.  It was a wonderful day after all, even with the scary separation (we didn’t know how it would go alone because they help us watch the boys). 

As the evening wore on I began to feel sick (sore throat, stuffy nose).  Colleen had just gotten over strep so at first I was worried I had that, but when the stuffy nose started I suspected a cold.  Sure enough, it hit me big-time on Monday and I have been sick ALL week.  Today was the first day I didn’t have to lay down numerous times.  But I am very tired.  It has just wiped me out.  I’m just so glad it didn’t hit me on our trip day.

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