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MISSED the Next Great American Band this week—

I’m bummed. But I will find it online I’m sure. Just couldn’t find it yet tonight.

DVR was supposed to tape it, but it messed up.

Anyway – the Clark Brothers and Light of Doom are my favorites, but Tres Bien is awesome too! I finally watched last week’s episode tonight and I thought Sixwire really brought it as well!! What the heck, they are all great!!!

I was “just” a girl guitarist, but when I was 13 I’d have LOVED to be in a band like Light of Doom….

I just hope this isn’t only a “one-time” thing – would love to see this show on again next year!


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Decorating almost done – and apparently sickies coming back

I’ll have to post a pic of our tree decs tomorrow (2 strands of lights still not working – I haven’t had time to pursue it really). 

But got breakable ornaments up out of Harm’s (Ryan’s) way today and Rog bought a new star for the top of the tree that I’ll put on tomorrow.

Chris got sent home from school yesterday and Colleen the day before. I took them both to the dr. yesterday – believed to be viruses. They finished their meds for sinus infections last week.

Now Ryan was coughing most of the evening and I’m wondering if he’ll make it to school tomorrow.

So far I’m healthy (knock on wood) but feel very very tired tonight. I did nap for a while. I am going to just go to bed, and hope that Chris goes to sleep (he’s pacing). At least he’s not taking 89 baths like he did Tuesday night!

I am getting a lot of nice legal cases to type – finished one and proofing it now and have another for tomorrow and early next week. Then I received a long speech transcription project for late next week and week after (hopefully they’ll accept it then as that’s when I can do it!!!) that is a referral from a local company I used to work for!! Word of mouth recommendation is nice!

Yawning and my eyes are watering so shall try and sleep and hope Chris doesn’t drag me up over and over again…

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Christmas meme

Googled for memes and found this one and filled it out —

Favorite Christmas…

* Non-Jesus-related song? “Jingle Bell Rock”
* Jesus-related song? “Mary Did You Know” and the song about the little boy buying his mom a red pair of shoes.
* Santa-related song? “Up on the Housetop”
* Fictional character? The little blind boy losing his sheep (something like that??)
* Dinner’s main course? Turkey
* Dinner’s dessert? Chocolate Silk Pie and Pumpkin Pie
* Scent (pine, gingerbread, candles…)? Candles, dinner cooking
* Animated movie? Polar Express
* Non-animated movie? Christmas Vacation, the Santa Clause
* Personal memory? Playing guitars on Christmas Eve, our Christmas parties at our house with friends and family
* Story/Fairy Tale? ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, the Christmas story from the Bible


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Spirit of Christmas

Ryan style 🙂

I was doing dishes yesterday but Ryan decided THEN was the time to start unpacking all the Christmas boxes I had hidden behind the couch. He also did some of this in the morning yesterday before school —

Let’s get all these boxes dumped!

Decorating Ryan Style 1

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

What a bunch of tangled beautiful garland!

Decorating Ryan Style 2

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

Garland still on bottom, and 2 strands of lights (continued even now) out.

Decorating Ryan Style 4

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

This tin looks like a drum!

Decorating Ryan Style 5

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

Putting all the garlands on the bottom …

Decorating Ryan Style 6

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

Pulling all the garland out. He eventually got it all tangled and we had to get it all untangled last night 🙂

Decorating Ryan Style 7

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

Last night:

The breakables, up high enough??

11-07 023

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

Love those lights…

11-07 018

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

Colleen’s room.

11-07 019

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

Office wall

11-07 020

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

Santas (not breakable, on lower shelf 🙂 )

11-07 021

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

And half our stuff is still in the attic!

11-07 022

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

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Google fun (From Sasha’s blog)

I am downloading this Acrobat book – looks fun to check out!

I love Google. I made an IGoogle page a few months ago and the thing that completely made my day is that I could have Pacman on there (among other fun things like Frogger, Checkers, and Hangman!!). I was addicted to Pacman in the 80’s, and was known for going into savings to buy quarters to play Pacman at the mall on break. Ms. Pacman specifically …

I also have a to do list on IGoogle, and a calendar. And (ahhh, beautiful) webcams of North Carolina.

And lest we leave anything else out about Google — gmail? Google Desktop Search? Google web search? Google groups? Picasa?


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The dreams of children


The dreams that we hold about having our children… and the reality given and the new dreams held

Dreams of all my life
The children we always wished for
Years go by like lightning
But the expectations soar

Wanting perfection
Working day and night for our bread
Trying to observe each smile,
accomplishment, and word said

When the progression is difficult
than the way you thought
it can be easy to despair;
when the child doesn’t speak, you doubt

The deafness and the silence, and even times with speech,
yet centered in their self fulfillment,
yet merged with our duty and responsibility
can make you wonder where meaning went

Others don’t understand
the way our lives progress
only in humor can we survive
The surroundings can appear a mess

and the heart, indeed, can be torn
as the love is strong as fire
burning in fierce protection
knows how their odds are dire

Chasing a boy, so active and bright,
running in glee
before he breaks the dishes
and plugs cords into electricity

The older child, a man,
yet speechless he is
locked in his world, caught,
yet we glory at each new task taught

We watch for each new joy
yet fight for rights unknown
the road is full of mire
but the Light of God is shown

copyright dori 11/24/07


NaBloPoMo, Weather

I found this really funny for some reason:

Severe Weather Alert
TWC Message

945 PM EST FRI NOV 23 2007


This popped up as “severe weather for ….” on my tool bar from TWC. Does this sound like Severe Weather to ANYBODY? It’s November 23rd in Ohio. A little snow. Not unusual.

Sheesh! I thought we had a blizzard coming or some warning about melting snow and a flood or something.