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Still reviewing all the old posts —

d8bcIn my spare time, here and there, have been tagging and categorizing my posts back to 2003.  I got to November 2005, then just found a way today to import all the comments from Livejournal!  This is exciting as I just don’t get to Livejournal much anymore so this way all my comments both from WordPress and Livejournal are in one place!  And this pleases my computer geeky self Open-mouthed smile

Any Live Journal readers here that were on my friends list in the mid 2000s – if you want to add this blog that would be great.  It’s fun re-reading your comments now as I re-add them [all the posts were imported in on private and I have to edit and tag each one] – it will take me a while to get them all in but hopefully in a few months all the comments to the posts that I have put on WordPress will be added (not all my Live Journal posts are on WordPress, so some comments will still only be on LJ – – -)

Have had a few things done to the house recently – some unsafe wiring fixed and getting some drains cleaned out.  It will be nice to have all that done for winter!  We had to clear part of the attic so in the process brought the tree down. It’s in my bedroom – we’ll probably put it up sometime this weekend without decorations.

Can’t believe the holidays are around the corner – refuse to change the background yet of my blog – ha ha – but will choose the layout and probably change it right away on Friday!

Took difficult square roots test in Algebra yesterday – hope I did all right.

Taking Ryan to his hearing evaluation today for school – it’s at our deaf school in Mayfield. 

Have lost 10 pounds since September but no more – need to get back on that.


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Google fun (From Sasha’s blog)

I am downloading this Acrobat book – looks fun to check out!

I love Google. I made an IGoogle page a few months ago and the thing that completely made my day is that I could have Pacman on there (among other fun things like Frogger, Checkers, and Hangman!!). I was addicted to Pacman in the 80’s, and was known for going into savings to buy quarters to play Pacman at the mall on break. Ms. Pacman specifically …

I also have a to do list on IGoogle, and a calendar. And (ahhh, beautiful) webcams of North Carolina.

And lest we leave anything else out about Google — gmail? Google Desktop Search? Google web search? Google groups? Picasa?


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Flashing yellow light?

Hello – my daughter came home to get on her computer as usual (hers and rog’s) and it doesn’t boot, just has a flashing yellow light. eek

I read a little on the internet about this light and it doesn’t sound good. It’s a Dell Dimension 5150, I think, okay, let me get the specs — they’re below.

Anyone know what I should do next? Conveniently, it’s out of warranty.

At least we were running Mozy, but not on everything. I can restore her crucial documents on the new spanking partition of my new hard drive, at least….

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CloudEight is awesome!

First, plugging their site —

and their home page that is my start page every day

and where they featured me from my entering (on a whim!) this: 

(2020 – wow, wish I could see that, above.  too many years gone by.  Glad to see CloudEight is still valid site!  I miss using stationery….)

I have always loved using email stationery, and CloudEight has been my main stationery source since probably about year 2000 at least (just guessing in my head!). They also have a forum with postings on computer safety about issues such as spam, viruses, and related issues. Their stationery and other designs are declared virus free and I have always had super luck with them and they are varied and beautiful.

They also feature smileycons which I am a great fan of – I am a gold member.

Check them out – they’re awesome!

And thanks, CloudEight, for featuring my blog!


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ouch–from fingers to computers

Our water froze up today so I had to try and keep my boys happy who due to their special needs don’t understand the meaning of NO BATH now IT’S BROKEN.

Chris got so frustrated he grabbed my hand in the process somehow jammed my finger. I can type fairly well after icing it, but it hurts still. I don’t know if it’ll hurt more tomorrow or less — sigh.

I guess it’s just sprained – would think I couldn’t type at all if it was broken, right? Writing is much harder – can’t write barely at all.
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I stayed up too late working on backgrounds — this site is very cool! I tried to do this one: (the wishing and hoping one) and got as far as getting the images and everything on there but they were repeating all over the page! Oh well, will keep playing. I just don’t know how to get the image to not be over the top of the words, but at least figured out how to make the right margin over so my text isn’t off the page.  (2020 – not sure why I bothered to “link-code” those sites – figured they wouldn’t work, and they didn’t — livejournal layouts must be completely “out” at this point — gotta love 2006—miss it somewhat!!!  😉  )

Now, to bed! Thanks Angela for all your prior help on this! I may need you again when I’m ready to try the hoping and praying images….


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don’t want to remember the big job hunt days…

Image result for insaneaquarium

haven’t been reading, things are nuts. Newest news:

Ohhh boy. Rog called his workplace and was directed to call his supervisor on his supervisor’s cell phone. Turns out Jeff his supervisor, along with another person doing the same kind of thing at the workplace, were laid off. There’s no work in sight. So Rog is out job hunting. He’s not technically lost his job or anything, but with no work and all these layoffs, it doesn’t look good. He’s worked 5 days since the beginning of December. Luckily we had saved up during the “fat” times but now that the lean times have been here quite a while we’ve almost used it up. I’m glad we were wise enough to save….

I have been thinking of something too. With my family situation I hesitate to look for a permanent job, but I did call the temporary agency Robert Half Legal that I worked for back in 2003 (I did a 6 week assignment for them before that full time job I had for 6 months). I asked if I wished to, may I be put on a list to be called for temporary assignments. He said yes. I said is there any penalty if I turn down an assignment and he said no. So if Rog doesn’t find a job in a week or two I think I may sign up with them again. My name is in their system. I did not sign up, yet.

I’m also going to call back this other attorney that called me sometime last year asking for temporary help. I’m going to see if they still need someone.

I told Rog maybe the Lord has something better in store now now that we’ve moved – that he used the other job to get us this house (you know, long term job placement – he was there for almost 6 years). Maybe we’ll find something with insurance. I know you can get insurance with Robert Half but you have to work a lot. I don’t think I could work that much, now.

I have thought of the home work too but I think it’s just too hectic right now to try and do that. I’d need the kids in school all day to try and focus on work at home. (I don’t even know where all my equipment is….) Even with Rog home it sounds crazy. We are talking about putting the door back on the office so we can close it. That is a future option!!!

Well, I guess that’s all my new news- which is big news.. sigh. I did accomplish a big computer project which I was proud of – after the “middle aged” computer (2000 Dell) died I got my old one here from my mom’s house, and set it up and networked it. Then I programmed the old fax to work so am back in business with a working network and fax. Even got my old fonts back off the old computer that I loved and couldn’t find – especially CAC Pinafore! Still want to eventually fiddle with the middle-aged Dell and get it to work for Colleen as she has Insaniquarium on there. She doesn’t like my old Wonderex 486 – too slow for her!!! it is souped up to Pentium 1 for goodness sake! ha ha – it’s my baby from 1995 — worked on that machine for 8 years in DOS Word Perfect.