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My daughter went to a new neurologist today – he thinks she may have Asperger’s as well as ADHD. This does not make me happy but of course we want her treated for whatever she may have. Someday later when I have more time I’ll have to explain her history. But she is a beautiful, sweet, intelligent girl, 4th grade, and she has had attention/focusing problems. She has some very high interests like in animals, etc., but the teacher in her letter to the neuro described how she thought it may be a fixation for Colleen, so thus the looking at Asperger’s. I know, having an autistic child, a bit about Asperger’s, so I can see some of the areas where it may fit her. But I need to learn a whole lot about it. I am also very curious to know what to do about it, if she does have it. She will be still the same sweet Colleen, of course, whether she has it or not.

I wonder if my third baby will be diagnosis free……

Colleen got a beautiful hair cut today – it was down to mid-back and now it’s shoulder length and very bouncy with layers to the front 🙂



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busy busy busy

— you’d think I’d be sitting around eating bonbons by now, this SAHM, who has not worked in 7 weeks! But my to-do list keeps growing! So far I have

  1. Organized pantry and linen closets
  2. Cleaned half of each bedroom (a lot to clean!!)
  3. Rearranged and cleaned living room
  4. Balanced checkbook September through December
  5. Did all filing and paper sorting, once (need to do again, though!)
  6. Completed various paperwork projects (but have more to do!)
  7. Have taken children to numerous dr. appointments and attended school meetings

So very busy life for me!

Ryan is talking more that I’m home, for which I’ve been so grateful. I need to work with him even more, read to him, etc. I have been taking him to a music class at a local organization that is very fun! He also likes to play my guitar 🙂 This means I cannot really play it at that time as he grabs all the strings ;). I hope to get caught up enough on housework so that I can take 15-30 minutes a day to practice by myself on the guitar. I would like to get good again like I was in high school/college.

I still dream of getting back to college to get my music therapy degree. It would be cool to be really in practice on the guitar by then so I could progress a lot farther with some lessons there (as guitar will probably be my instrument of study there, though voice would be great too!).

Well I have a very busy day today with my mom coming over at 9:00, and it’s 5:30 now, so have one hour to scoot through kitchen and laundry room cleaning before I have to get Chris up for school (bus comes at 7).