Forgot to post

that I was diagnosed with ADD on Saturday. My testing is not all completely done, but I’ve seen the psychologist 4 times, and he said last weekend that he thinks he knows enough about me and with the testing we’ve done that I have it. I thought I did. It’s amazing how it passes in generations, and years ago no one even knew what it was (unless it was a little boy, hyper as you could imagine, having trouble in school). I was a very good student, I’m pretty smart (not to brag), and I’m really creative, and not at all hyper. I actually concentrate very very well. But as I’ve read about it, I’ve learned I have ADD and not ADHD, and that I hyperfocus, concentrate so hard on things that I block everything else out. Over the years I have had great trouble balancing all my duties, and deciding what to do first, to balance my life. I am not working now, and don’t think, as a parent of three (two special needs) that I will be able to balance a work life and home life and do either one well. So this diagnosis just reinforces that.

I will write more later — gotta go.