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Quick update (is there ever a slow one??)

Someday I just want to go slow and ramble for hours on here….

Baby boo is up and keeping me busy, so this will be short. He is doing good — he is talking more since I’ve been home!! He also has not thrown up since I’ve been home (at day care he was throwing up every few days?!!!). We were ready to take him to an allergist to see if he had food allergies, it was happening so much. Now he’s home, boom, disappeared!!!

I have accomplished many household tasks — organized many cabinets and cupboards, rearranged living room, etc. Busy busy! I have SO much more to do. Mountains of clothes to put away in our bedroom – that will be today and tomorrow’s task. Today is a birthday party for DH, the big 4-0!! So we will be at his mom’s – she has nice parties for all of us in her home so that we don’t have to worry about them here (our house is tiny, like a closet, especially with us 5 in here!!)

Well, so I’m the busy SAHM and still hope to go back to college, but don’t know when that will be. I want to go for music therapy. I am hoping to do the prerequisites close by, and then the remainder I shall have to drive about 1 hour away to fulfil. THis will be years away, though, I’m sure!

I am trying to lose weight again — I have been overweight since a child but on and off diets. After RJ was born I haven’t really sustained any effort to lose weight – just now though this Tuesday I have gone back on a plan that I was on in the years before he was born. I’d lost 25 or so pounds then so I hope to have success again! I need to lose about 60 pounds. So far I’ve lost just 3/4 of a pound, but that was in 4 days 🙂

All for now, dori

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RJ had speech eval today and they want us to closely watch him and work with him a LOT as he may be a little behind. I was kind of thinking of doing some work at 

home but now am reconsidering that. I think my hands might be full…. the kids are my priority!

This is a fearful area for us as Chris lost all his speech at 2 1/2. Ryan will be 2 on 2/22. But they said his play activity was great and that he didn’t seem in the least autistic. I’m just not sure I’m now going to send back him to day care at all right now – may just work with him at home intensely for awhile. The day care was able to take him on an as-needed basis so I could type at home. Well, at least I know that option is available if I need it!
Kiddoes – always something.

I have more to update but so busy….

One thing I did want to mention though is my grandma passed away on 12/30. We will sure miss her! She was 92 1/2.