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Wow, June 18th already. AND one month, one day on Weigh Down/Thin Within. I WILL DO THIS.

And we’re almost done with Colleen’s summer school and about to start Chris’s. I’ll be transporting in the morning and Gayle in the afternoon, bless her.

The only time we won’t be transporting children one place or another is the 3rd week of August, I believe.

Finally got our new checking account open – one of those open this and you get $100 free!! accounts – and I’m so relieved! Now everyone can say FINALLY Dorene will stop talking about how we have to get that DANGED CHECKING ACCOUNT open lol!!!!! It’s done. Now I have to get the new direct deposit form faxed in which I’m going to do right now.

And my thanks again to a certain angel to made it possible to do this today, on my husband’s only day available to do it, before the coupon expired for the account 😀

Ryan’s having a good time on his break – making sleep forts like this, playing with his Leapster, running around. His aide has also been taking him outside to play while I’m working.


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Thin within

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I am planning to start this today:  (NOTE it is Christian-based, so you are warned before you click…)

I may order some of the materials when I can, but I know I can do this for a while even without that.

I followed the “Weigh Down” principles from 1999-2002 and managed to lose and pretty much keep off about 25-30 pounds and was pregnant with Ryan after and delivered him and then went back to my pre-pregnancy weight. The problems started when I abandoned the principles in late 2002 when I got bored with it and stressed out when I went back to work.

Then I discovered Weigh Down’s fundamental “religious” principles were flawed and the leader pretty much was put down in shame by all the churches and her program is now rare to find in a church.

But I had found this Thin Within program which I see has been around since the 70’s, that is very similar, but seems to have a much more sound Biblical based foundation that is not laid into a cult.

Anyway, I hope to have similar success to what I did in the late 90’s and am starting today — waiting for hunger and stopping before full!

(Brushing my teeth and drinking water between meals always helped me…)

(my old weigh down, etc. diary):

2020 these blog entries are now incorporated into this blog, but that blog is still viewable.


Starting Weighdown again.

I haven’t really focused on my food plan much at all this year. I may have stayed on Food Mover for once or twice for a week and lost 2 pounds or so. Luckily with all my activity and the steep stairs here I’m not in big trouble, but I am ready to take off some weight again. I’ve gained about 11 pounds back altogether since Christmas.

I felt led to try a Weigh Down/eat when hungry approach. I also watched Tyra Banks’ show on her “Tyra’s Tidbits” and felt inspired by that how she lost 10 pounds eating whatever she wanted but in tiny portions.

So I’ve started today – waited for hunger, then ate eggs with vegetables and orange juice. Took my Strattera (day 4, no shakes!) and brushed my teeth. Now off for a walk.

dori, 177.5/177.5/125.

(last year I was up to 184, year before 187, so I did good only gaining 11 pounds this time! But I was 166 at Christmas — sigh)

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Up all night…

Seems like it. Actually Chris has quieted down so I hope to go to sleep SOON. I was up late last night with him and then overslept this morning and he missed his bus. Ended up taking him to the dr. – another sinus infection. It goes together – the sleeplessness and the sinus infections. We are so weary – we hope this new thing works – giving him antibiotics for 4 weeks instead of 2.

For some reason at night I’ve been reading about anorexia. I think I stumbled across something surfing Live Journal sites (think that’s where it was?) and then just started reading about it. It’s amazing what the mind can do in a person. I never had anorexia or bulimia but did get to the bingeing state. I always would binge before I started diets, ever since I was like 10 years old. I would pick a date to start dieting and right before it I’d eat huge quantities to “get it out of my system.” I have done this to this day.

In ’99 I joined a diet system called “Weigh Down” and I followed through my pregnancy and nursing as well. It really changed my outlook a lot. It is based on just eating when hungry and stopping before full. However, after that I kind of drifted away from it (as the program developed some spiritual inconsistencies and a lot of churches dropped the plan, and I got disappointed in the whole thing and just didn’t do it anymore). I really got slowly but steadily back into the diet and then binge thing. So Jan. 20 I started following the basic hunger/fullness principles again and am down 4 pounds. It is so liberating – I can eat what I want, as long as I’m hungry, and I stop when I feel satisfied (not full!) and wait for hunger to eat again. And it’s funny, after reading these anorexia/bulimia sites, I can see where a plan like this would be a help to those people too after they have maybe talked to someone about their low self esteem issues.

I think I’m actually going to attempt to go to bed… hopefully!


Edit, Feb. 2020.  As I am rereading this blog and have my Pans/Pandas suspicions for Ryan, I note this about Chris having this sinus infection, and possibly having Pans (he had a psychiatric breakdown shortly after this).  The clues you see years later….


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Quick update (is there ever a slow one??)

Someday I just want to go slow and ramble for hours on here….

Baby boo is up and keeping me busy, so this will be short. He is doing good — he is talking more since I’ve been home!! He also has not thrown up since I’ve been home (at day care he was throwing up every few days?!!!). We were ready to take him to an allergist to see if he had food allergies, it was happening so much. Now he’s home, boom, disappeared!!!

I have accomplished many household tasks — organized many cabinets and cupboards, rearranged living room, etc. Busy busy! I have SO much more to do. Mountains of clothes to put away in our bedroom – that will be today and tomorrow’s task. Today is a birthday party for DH, the big 4-0!! So we will be at his mom’s – she has nice parties for all of us in her home so that we don’t have to worry about them here (our house is tiny, like a closet, especially with us 5 in here!!)

Well, so I’m the busy SAHM and still hope to go back to college, but don’t know when that will be. I want to go for music therapy. I am hoping to do the prerequisites close by, and then the remainder I shall have to drive about 1 hour away to fulfil. THis will be years away, though, I’m sure!

I am trying to lose weight again — I have been overweight since a child but on and off diets. After RJ was born I haven’t really sustained any effort to lose weight – just now though this Tuesday I have gone back on a plan that I was on in the years before he was born. I’d lost 25 or so pounds then so I hope to have success again! I need to lose about 60 pounds. So far I’ve lost just 3/4 of a pound, but that was in 4 days 🙂

All for now, dori