Tardive dyskinesia

Chris had some strange symptoms at school that developed yesterday with fast blinking eyes, extremely frequent vocalizations, staring upwards, etc., that were very concerning to them that he was having bad reactions to his new med serequal. We took him to the pediatrician yesterday and he was prescribed benedryl to counteract any side effects of the med, and then today we took him to the neurologist who advised us to go off the med gradually and gave us a schedule for that.

We have been reading about tardive dyskinesia – a particularly troubling article is http://www.breggin.com/neuroleptics.html . This article involves schizophrenia and not autism, but it was concerning nonetheless. A more middle of the road article is http://www.ninds.nih.gov/health_and_medical/disorders/tardive_doc.htm . I feel we’re going to try Christopher med-free for a while and perhaps try some nutritional avenues to help him as much as possible. We have been wanting to do this for a while, actually, but we were at the same time afraid to take him off his resperdol (which he is now off of and is taking seroquel in its place).

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cut & paste (boy on lap)

for right now a copied note of how things are going….

Colleen was sick the other day but doing better and went to school yesterday. Colleen was complaining about her ears last night. If she has further problems today I’ll take her to the dr. tomorrow (today if absolutely necessary but Chris is home today and has to go to the neuro where we’re there for like 3 hours….) Rog is staying home to help watch Ryan and get colleen after school.

Ryan has a cold right now.

Yesterday actually seemed very hectic…. it just goes on and on. But Chris did okay – we did end up picking him up at school – we took him to the pediatrician who could not find anything physically wrong with him. (teachers and nurse etc. were saying they were concerned he was so upset and acting strange that he might be having med reactions). He said the very bad danger signs to look for in med emergencies like the serequal he’s on, are him bending his neck back and not being able to return it to the upright position, and him sticking his tongue out and not being able to return to his mouth (aren’t those so strange???!!!). Neither of these appeared so he said just give him some benedryl in addition to the serequal and that is supposed to counteract any side effects that may occur, just until we see the neuro today.

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another quick update

hope to soon have time to ramble, but here’s just a cut and paste….. simply a copied email I just sent out. Prayers appreciated…….

I wanted to send one final update on Chris and then hopefully things will be calm and stable for a while!

(A summary in case I had missed any of you in rushing to get the prayer requests out – Chris had surgery on his ear 3/10 after he’d caused hematoma on it from hitting it so much. He then destroyed the surgery as we could not keep him from hitting it/picking on it and he had another surgery at the hospital on 3/19. He got out of the hospital on 3/26 after being anesthetized again on 3/26 for the pediatric surgeons to make sure ear was healed (this time under 24-hour supervision). It was, so he was sent home.)

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From the hospital….

Ugh… a very nice hospital with awesome people but I’m tired of being here! But tomorrow I get to go home…

Chris damaged his ear with self-injurious behavior and had surgery on it 3/10. By 3/17 he had damaged it further as we could not control him to keep him from hitting/poking/punching his ear. 3/18 we spend 5 hours in the ER and 3/19 about midnight in the morning we were admitted to the area’s specialty children’s hospital. We have been here ever since (did go home for 20 hours from Sunday night to Monday afternoon).

Chris has adjusted fairly well now to the routine and the sitters and nurses and doctors. We urgently requested med regulation in addition to his ear attention as he was out of control at home, in the ER, and here at the children’s hospital. A large team is in place to help him and I believe they are helping as he is much calmer. He had ear surgery again Friday night. He shall probably be here about 2 weeks or so.

He was hitting everyone in our family on Thursday and it was completely out of control – he had even hit Colleen (9) and Ryan (2). So we had to get him immediately emergency help.

Prayers and thoughts requested as we continue on this path – he is also going to have a tonsillectomy soon and that will be a tough recovery. There is nowhere for him to go, either, to like a “nursing home/recovery” kind of stage so they’ll keep him here as long as possible and then try and have an aide set up for our house.

The Lord is in control… I just have to trust.

Blessings, dori


Just one more….

I just read a survey on a survey site that was 1001 questions — I WON’T be doing that one but it DOES exist if anyone wants to try it. This on the other hand is a more manageable survey for me! Go to end and I’ll try and cut that other one in.

1. name: dori
2. single or taken: taken
3. sex: Female
4. birthday: 2/22/65
6. siblings: 0
7. hair color: brown
8. eye color: brown
9. shoe size: 8 1/2
10. height: 5-3

r e l a t i o n s h i p s
1. who are your best friends?: Many, but probably Lynn, Nancy
2. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Hubby

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Another survey

another one that is probably too young for me, but oh well!

Put an X next to the things that are true.
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Finally a chance to breathe

Chris had to have surgery on his ear on Wednesday because he hit it so hard he got cauliflower ear. We have been watching over him at home – he seems better today so he’s relaxing a bit in the shower and I thought I’d take a minute here. Those of you who are inclined, I would appreciate prayers/thoughts for him as his ear heals. He is on some new meds that we believe are helping him now sleep at night – it’s been 5 days now that he has slept well. I hope it also calms him too so that he doesn’t bang his ears or head.

When Chris was in the hospital last summer I found this Bible verse. I have claimed it again as my promise that Chris will be guarded over by the angels. Psalm 34
17 The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.
18 The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.
19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.
20 He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.

I pray that Chris will be delivered from this ear problem with no damage or further danger. I know the Lord is more than capable.

I know I need to go back to attending church. I want to get back into music ministry but the Lord will have to guide me back into that – I don’t see it being possible right now.

I was in the choir at churches off and on from 1987-1994, then 1999-2000. I greatly enjoyed it, and also did special music solos with guitar, and also sang for the kids in kids church that were preschool age. That was fun (that was in 2001). When Chris got too big to handle and had started all kinds of health problems, I had to quit everything. I miss it all and pray I will be privileged to be able to do it again.

BTW, I was definitely diagnosed with ADHD yesterday at the dr. All the IQ testing is done. I’m fairly high on the scoring with the attention part being lowest, no surprise there.

Housework calling….



rewarding myself for jobs well done…

so I’m done a fun [not little!] survey I found!

I did dailies throughout my whole house and am planning to sort papers/fill out forms needed/file rest of the day. But here I go, fun fun! I’ll do an update post soon.

x. name :: hmmmm, no.
x. nickname :: dori
x. birthday :: 02-22
x. birthplace :: Ohio
x. hair :: Dark brown, very curly. All one length, parted in middle, about chin length (a little shorter in front)
x. eyes :: Brown with hint of green.
x. height :: 5’3″
x. mood :: pretty darn accomplished!
x. music :: 95.5 the Fish
x. taste :: Nothing at the moment but love cola drinks.
x. clothing :: T-shirt, sweatpants.
x. annoyance :: Actually nothing this minute, our leaking toilet was FIXED earlier today!!
x. smell :: Nothing – just previously dishsoap and laundry soap.
x. i ought to be :: doing my filing/paperwork.
x. windows open :: Well, my kitchen window was open a bit today as it’s over 40 out – but on the computer — let’s see — my email and Ivillage, and Semagic journal program.
x. desktop picture :: RJ’S 2-year birthday picture.
x. favourite band :: Too many to number. I am eclectic and love all kinds of music, and have Christian Contemporary on right now, but also love Evannessence (sp?) lately and find The Darkness extremely interesting!
x. book :: Just finished Armeggedon (sp?) in the Left Behind series (book 11) and eagerly awaiting The Glorious Appearing coming out end of March.
x. cd in stereo :: None – my cd player is broken 🙁
x. crush :: hubby
x. favourite celebrity: ? Hmmm. Actually, I’m really enjoying American Idol as I did last year, so let’s say the winners of that + the judges + and I really like the guy who sang she bangs AND Keith from last year (Like a Virgin — hee hee).
x. hate :: People expecting me to fail.

do i
x. smoke :: ::cough cough:: No.
x. do drugs :: No.
x. have a recurring dream :: I have repeatedly dreamt about 2 of my workplaces, one a restaurant from college, the other a law office I worked at for 6 years.
x. remember your first love :: yes.
x. still love him/her :: Not really – just a fond memory.
x. read the newspaper :: Sometimes – we usually don’t buy it.
x. have any gay/lesbian friends :: Two suspected, none admitted.
x. believe in miracles :: Definitely.
x. believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever :: Yes.
x. consider yourself tolerant of others :: It depends. As a Christian I guess you’d say I love the sinner but hate the sin.
x. consider love a mistake :: NO.
x. have a favorite candy :: Anything chocolate, preferably dark.
x. believe in astrology :: I stay pretty far away due to religious beliefs – I believe it can have a power, yes, but not the kind I’m looking for!
x. believe in magic :: Same as astrology.
x. believe in God :: Yes.
x. have any pets :: Not yet, but have a daughter who begs for them.
x. have any piercings :: Two, one in each ear! (At age 37!)
x. have any tattoos :: No.
x. hate yourself :: No.
x. have an obsession :: I don’t think so, but I can become addicted to checking my email/refreshing my friends’ groups online/etc.
x. have a secret crush :: No.
x. do they know yet :: n/a
x. have a best friend :: Hubby + my two best girlfriends.
x. wish on stars :: I pray instead of wish.
x. care about looks :: Yes, but don’t take enough time to do anything about it!

love life
x. do you have sex :: ! (Not used to such graphic questions :} but hey think I stole this from a younger person’s diary!) Not enough, but love it! (try seeing what 3 kids, of all ages, do to your love life!!)
x. first crush :: John in 6th grade. We had JUST started “staring into each other’s eyes” and then he moved.
x. first kiss :: ON A GREYHOUND BUS coming home from Arizona, with a guy who LIVED in Arizona. It was awesome, though!
x. single or attached :: Attached (20 years dating on March 26, can’t BELIEVE it) — married now for almost 17 years.
x. ever been in love :: Yes.
x. do you believe in love at first sight :: Yes. I was, he wasn’t, but it still worked (and I was dating someone ELSE at the time – talk about complicated).
x. do you believe in “the one” :: I know I’m with the one God intended.
x. describe your ideal significant other :: My dh – he’s sweet, hardworking, handsome.

juicy stuff
x. ever played a game that required removal of clothing :: Yes.
x. ever been intoxicated :: Yes.
x. favorite place to be kissed :: !! Many.
x. have you ever been caught “doing something” :: No.
x. are you a tease :: No.
x. too shy to make the first move :: I asked my husband out for our first date! (over 20 years ago)

word association
x. rubber :: condom
x. rock :: & roll
x. green :: eyed monster
x. wet :: roads
x. cry :: for help
x. peanut :: butter
x. hay :: stacks
x. cold :: March
x. steamy :: bath
x. fast :: food
x. rain :: drops
x. bite :: m&ms

x. item bought :: Rally’s meals for us on Saturday.
x. thing you ate & drank :: Fried chicken and rice, coke, water.
x. book read :: Armageddon
x. television show :: Morning news.
x. person you talked to :: My MIL
x. person you hugged :: My son.
x. instant message :: Probably my friend Marcia.
x. person kissed :: My hubby.

where do you
x. eat out :: Many – BK, McD’s, Pizza Hut
x. cry :: in the car, shower.
x. wish you were :: North Carolina, or better yet, heaven

have you ever
x. dated one of your best friends :: Yes. (my hubby)
x. loved somebody so much it makes you cry :: Yes.
x. broken the law :: Yes. (speeding). Also road in car with people smoking pot in college, but not sure if I wasn’t doing it if I was breaking the law?
x. run away from home :: No.
x. broken a bone :: Yes.
x. played truth or dare :: Yes.
x. kissed someone you didn’t know :: Yes (that bus trip, above)
x. been in a fight :: Sort of, got my finger bent backwards but as far as it went…
x. come close to dying :: Pneumonia, 86, almost went into the hospital but then recovered.

what is
x. the most embarrassing cd in your collection ::
x. your bedroom like :: Overcrowded (2 of us, plus our 2 year old, 2 chests, one for baby, + our dresser + our guitars)
x. your favourite thing for breakfast :: All!!!
x. your favorite restaurant :: Too many to know.

random questions
x. what’s on your bedside table :: Kleenex, books.
x. what do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night :: Chips? Cake? Cookies? All 3? Try not to do that anymore…
x. what is your secret guaranteed weeping movie :: Don’t know if it’s secret, and I have a lot of them, hmmmmmm 80’s MOlly Ringwald movies make me cry, as does Dirty Dancing.
x. if you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done :: Boob reduction. (planning it)
x. what is your biggest fear :: My autistic son disappearing – he’s just learned this week how to unlock our door.
x. what feature are you most insecure about :: My boobs.
x. do you ever have to beg :: No.
x. are you a pyromaniac :: NO.
x. do you have too many love interests :: No.
x. crushes :: No.
x. do you know anyone famous :: No.
x. do you know how to play poker :: No.
x. what do you carry with you at all times :: My cell phone.
x. how do you drive :: Carefully and in a paranoid manner at times!
x. what do you miss most about being little :: Having lots of times for my hobbies (playing guitar, accordian!, mandolin, drawing, painting, hiking, writing songs, books, stories) – yes I was kind of a weird kid, an only….
x. are you happy with your given name :: Now I am.
x. how much money would it take for you to give up the internet for one year :: $100,000.
x. do you like yourself and believe in yourself :: Yes.
x. do you think you’re cute :: ?
x. do you consider yourself to be a nice person :: Yes.
x. do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends :: My family, above all.

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