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The fries got Chris off the merry-go-round —

Boy, have I had a time posting here today! I think I have some goofball firewall problems.

Anyway – Quite a night we had with Chris tonight. We were going to our usual chiropractor appointment, and for this appt. there was a festival going on across the street.

We had gone there before during this festival with no problem!

Chris took off out of the car like a lightning bolt. SEE FRIES PIC Continue reading “The fries got Chris off the merry-go-round —”

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After almost 20 years, a new song

I have had many songs that remind me of the love of my husband and me (1, 2, 3, awwwww πŸ™‚ ). There was Time after Time by Cyndi Lauper, Hold me Now by the Thompson Twins, Panacea by Rush, there was a Led Zeppelin song (can’t remember the name now) – oh so many – I Want to Know what Love is by Foreigner, Just can’t fight this Feeling anymore by REO Speedwagon. Continue reading “After almost 20 years, a new song”

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I remember when it was always like this—

yawn. Chris has switched meds from Geodon to Abilify, and is not sleeping as well.

I should have been keeping an official log, but really haven’t. BUT — today is early Sunday morning. LAST Monday night, about 6 days ago, was the last night he had his Geodon med. But for some reason he stayed up all that night even though he had the Geodon. So the next night, the first night without the Geodon, he did sleep. Continue reading “I remember when it was always like this—”


song lyrics?

Okay, this is keeping me from working — need to finish my local guy’s book πŸ™‚ I am obsessed.

Today in the car I heard a song I never heard before and I planned to go home and google the lyrics and find out who it was. For musicians out there it sounded like it was in the key of D, I think. D, G, C but it could have been E, D, B or something. Anyway, it had lyrics something like “want to be with you, even when you’re going insane, want to be with you, in the driving rain” etc. Another part said “be with you when your night is too long,” and another said something about being your friend. I really want this song… to learn it and play on guitar and find out who sings it.

Unfortunately it was on a 70’s 80’s 90s and today station so I have no idea even what decade it’s from…





Present is stable, now I’m worrying about the future —

So what do I do? I start worrying about work for next year. I’m testing with different companies to make sure I have enough work for next year There is enough work now for 10 people. But I know they slow down so I’m trying to set up another company. I have like 3 I’m thinking of – 2 I worked for before and one I’m trying to get into. One I just worked for last year but now they don’t get back to me – I don’t know if I upset them because I took such a long break! The other one I did corporate but not legal, and now I want to do legal, and I just heard you might have to have three years’ experience to get in and I only have 1 1/2 years, not 3. The third I filed the test for last year and am retesting end of this month (they’re very hard to get into). Then I have another company I just got but I heard she’s a real nut case to work with. So…. I’m all worried about this now and —

you know what? I think I just always live to have a PROBLEM to solve—-

I gotta run, I’m actually working and have work coming out of my ears πŸ™‚