song lyrics?

Okay, this is keeping me from working — need to finish my local guy’s book 🙂 I am obsessed.

Today in the car I heard a song I never heard before and I planned to go home and google the lyrics and find out who it was. For musicians out there it sounded like it was in the key of D, I think. D, G, C but it could have been E, D, B or something. Anyway, it had lyrics something like “want to be with you, even when you’re going insane, want to be with you, in the driving rain” etc. Another part said “be with you when your night is too long,” and another said something about being your friend. I really want this song… to learn it and play on guitar and find out who sings it.

Unfortunately it was on a 70’s 80’s 90s and today station so I have no idea even what decade it’s from…




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