Present is stable, now I’m worrying about the future —

So what do I do? I start worrying about work for next year. I’m testing with different companies to make sure I have enough work for next year There is enough work now for 10 people. But I know they slow down so I’m trying to set up another company. I have like 3 I’m thinking of – 2 I worked for before and one I’m trying to get into. One I just worked for last year but now they don’t get back to me – I don’t know if I upset them because I took such a long break! The other one I did corporate but not legal, and now I want to do legal, and I just heard you might have to have three years’ experience to get in and I only have 1 1/2 years, not 3. The third I filed the test for last year and am retesting end of this month (they’re very hard to get into). Then I have another company I just got but I heard she’s a real nut case to work with. So…. I’m all worried about this now and —

you know what? I think I just always live to have a PROBLEM to solve—-

I gotta run, I’m actually working and have work coming out of my ears 🙂


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