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The fries got Chris off the merry-go-round —

Boy, have I had a time posting here today! I think I have some goofball firewall problems.

Anyway – Quite a night we had with Chris tonight. We were going to our usual chiropractor appointment, and for this appt. there was a festival going on across the street.

We had gone there before during this festival with no problem!

Chris took off out of the car like a lightning bolt. SEE FRIES PIC

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Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

I saw my aide having trouble so took off to help her and Colleen helped Ryan out of the car with the help of the chiropractor’s secretary, who I called from the festival grounds.

Chris had great fun watching the merry-go-round and we just stayed with him while we waited for the chiropractor to come to assist him to the office. My mother also arrived to my surprise. I then had the idea of having food to bribe him so got him some succulent onion rings with ranch dip (which I sampled) and returned with them, and Chris and the aid and my mom were gone! They were found quickly, though.

Chris apparently was trying to go somewhere else and we all tried to bribe him with the onion rings and the chiropractor was there now helping. Unfortunately we were not successful and the next thing we knew he was on the merry-go-round (we couldn’t stop him from boarding) and my mom got to relive her childhood riding next to him.

As they went round and round I went back to get the children and the car and drove on up to the side of the road. By the time I got back they were waiting by the side of the road and by some miracle they had Chris ready to enter the car with his big Bucket O Fries.

Turns out Chris got right off the ride well and veered off to a refreshment stand, and tried to steal someone else’s Bucket O Fries (with cheese). Rescuing those and returning to owner was no small feat I’m sure, and then they got Chris a new bucket – $7 with cheese – and then finally he was happy to return to the car.

So a uneventful chiropractic adjustment for Colleen and Ryan, and a far different experience for the rest of us. My big girl did a great job caring for Ryan all by her self, and grateful we all were for everyone’s help – Colleen’s, my aid’s, my mother’s, the chiropractor himself, and even the helping hands on the rides that were so patient with us.

And on another note, a beautiful 65+ degree today. As an alternative, think of how the festival could have been:  like it was two years ago. Last week, was SUPPOSED to be the festival, but the area had 32″ of snow, so — then sometimes there’s even rain. Today, sunny blue sky, not a bad day to stand outside and wait for Chris to fulfill his fun day!


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  1. One chip(french fries) and a huge tub of ketchup would do it for Beauty,she uses the chip as a spoon for the ketchup.If Beauty decided she didn’t want to do something then without a bribe I would be completely stuck as she is getting to be quite a big girl and my arthritis also doesn’t help.

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      1. I didn’t realize this never added and went to spam. My blog is back at, would still like it if you could re-add me.

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