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I remember when it was always like this—

yawn. Chris has switched meds from Geodon to Abilify, and is not sleeping as well.

I should have been keeping an official log, but really haven’t. BUT — today is early Sunday morning. LAST Monday night, about 6 days ago, was the last night he had his Geodon med. But for some reason he stayed up all that night even though he had the Geodon. So the next night, the first night without the Geodon, he did sleep.

The following night, Wed. night, I think, he was up all night. I had switched the Abilify to nights hoping he would sleep. Then Thurs. night he slept, but not until about maybe 1?? Then last night, Friday night, he slept, but not until 2:30 a.m. Due it being Easter break it’s also been hard to get him up in the morning. I’ll start trying about 10 but he just does not get up well.

Tonight (or right now it’s actually Sunday morning at 3 a.m) he is still wide awake. This week it’s a little easier for me to grab more sleep in the morning as Rog, this weekend, and also my mom, some weekdays, has been here, and the kids didn’t have school so I could sleep until 8 or so. But starting Monday – school every day. I sure hope he snaps out of it and sleeps again.

This is probably the worst it’s been since 04 (when he was up for 4 days straight before starting the Geodon). He has had periods since where he might stay up once a week for a few weeks, but not this many times. I don’t know.

They switched his meds because he’d gained so much weight and also his behavior was becoming so extremely passive aggressive with him being stubborn. But if he doesn’t sleep it’s going to be very rough. We were given permission to give him Benadryl – I have given him 2x now at night. I may give to him earlier – I was waiting until he seemed to be staying up way to late (2 a.m.) and then giving it to him as I don’t want to medicate him unnecessarily, but maybe I’ll just start giving it to him about 9 p.m.

He also has had the Abilify increased to 7.5 milligrams as of Wed. night.


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