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Comments: Good morning! So far I feel wonderful this morning! I had what I think was a mild migraine last night (no aura or anything) and it responded to Exedrin Migraine. I slept like 10 until 7 a.m. and got a shower. Everyone is still sleeping.

The web site of the conference information is

But I see that hardly any has been transferred yet of the 14 breakout sessions that they had. 3, I think. I plan to read over those three as those were ones I did not attend. We attended the keynote speech by Sean Barron and got the book he and Temple Grandin wrote. We got to speak to him and his girlfriend Barbara and had them sign the book. That was awesome! He ate at Quiznos with her – we saw them in the cafeteria – I wanted to take a picture but restrained myself 😉

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fences, and anniversaries ;)

My daycare assistance meeting is Tuesday. They tentatively approved me even though at first the lady scared me saying “oh, we don’t cover people who work at HOME.” Then I explained, you don’t understand – I have special needs children who RIP my headphones off my head and don’t permit me to work – I need to have some part-time child care set up in order to work. And I lost two jobs due to having to call in all the time with them being sick – I have to work at home for the flexibility of working around my children’s therapy and any sick time. Then she checked with her supervisor and called back and said her supervisor approved it. I still have to be approved financially though.

Today is our anniversary.

We’re going to an autism seminar ALL day Friday. I’m really looking forward to getting away without the kids for a while. They start camp Monday, also, a NICE 5-WEEK BREAK!




It’s been so long since I’ve tried to do this…

I see the light, I see the path.
Though the gnarly branches in the way
are enough to trip us up,
I can still see the light of day

Can you see it too?
That the vision is clearing, it is truth.
Through the obstacles we run
and we will be stronger than we were in youth.

The light is dim and eyes can’t see.
It seems the shards of glass
of obstacles cut through hope,
but they sharpen our vision; this will pass.

I saw the heavens in my dream
and you were there with me.
I lost you for a moment
but then we were in eternity.

A vision given of hope
That the One who made us is there always.
Though we be sin-full and pride-full
He’s always there to lead us through the maze.

dh – 6-14-06