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For my first post, I’m copying an article about the flood we had last week, which made history here. Luckily we didn’t have that much damage. Lake County flood.

BIG FYI – after this post I’m going to be gradually pasting in entries I had on another diary for a while. A lot of it is about the kids’ health and good medical information so I thought a lot of it would be good to save on here. Goes back to 2003, so all entries after this are from 2003 to probably a few in 2006.

(2020 – obviously this posted AFTER those entries.  So 7/30/06 was the first day of my actual WordPress blog.  I had forgotten that.  I edited ALL of those livejournal enries before this, and deleted some of the text and made some private.  Added a lot of pictures, hope to add more.  Obviously Livejournal was more private than a public blog.  It has been interesting reviewing my posts, that’s for sure….