It’s been so long since I’ve tried to do this…

I see the light, I see the path.
Though the gnarly branches in the way
are enough to trip us up,
I can still see the light of day

Can you see it too?
That the vision is clearing, it is truth.
Through the obstacles we run
and we will be stronger than we were in youth.

The light is dim and eyes can’t see.
It seems the shards of glass
of obstacles cut through hope,
but they sharpen our vision; this will pass.

I saw the heavens in my dream
and you were there with me.
I lost you for a moment
but then we were in eternity.

A vision given of hope
That the One who made us is there always.
Though we be sin-full and pride-full
He’s always there to lead us through the maze.

dh – 6-14-06


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