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Comments: Good morning! So far I feel wonderful this morning! I had what I think was a mild migraine last night (no aura or anything) and it responded to Exedrin Migraine. I slept like 10 until 7 a.m. and got a shower. Everyone is still sleeping.

The web site of the conference information is

But I see that hardly any has been transferred yet of the 14 breakout sessions that they had. 3, I think. I plan to read over those three as those were ones I did not attend. We attended the keynote speech by Sean Barron and got the book he and Temple Grandin wrote. We got to speak to him and his girlfriend Barbara and had them sign the book. That was awesome! He ate at Quiznos with her – we saw them in the cafeteria – I wanted to take a picture but restrained myself 😉

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