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Just found out from our old neighbor that there’s WATER pouring out of our old house that was nearly done and ready to put on the market. Chuck and Gayle and Rog are on their way over to survey the damage and start the clean up. I hope it’s not too bad….


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Deal that Meal….


Comments: Hi – hope to post soon – we’re fine. Busy as always! Survived working all weekend last weekend transcribing. Getting my hearing aide eval next week.

Hope to read and post SUNDAY. Tried to post in the diet board but it wouldn’t let me ;P so —- I’ve been been on board since MONDAY. 5 days now. I’ve lost 1 1/2 pounds. It’s been about 7 months since I’d seriously watched and I’d gained 10 pounds back + 4 inches. So my goal is to lose that 10 pounds by the end of June. I’m doing Deal A Meal/Food Mover (when I find it 😉 to count portions. Still allowing myself some dessert in extreme moderation.


Time: Friday, 5/19/2006 6:44:02 PM (#81200)
User: DORI

Comments: I meant, I’m doing my Deal a Meal NOW, (just an older version of the Food Mover, with cards that you move instead of windows you close), until I find the Food Mover, which I find easier to deal with, but it is lost from the move 😉



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my hearing test!

First I worked end of last week and all weekend, first transcription assignment I’ve accepted in almost a month.

Then I had appointments all week solidly! We are trying to use our insurance while we have it as well as getting all the kids school stuff done for the year.

Monday I went to my ENT/audiologist and found out that I too, in addition to my dad, 2 of my children, and 2 cousins, have neurosensory hearing loss. I’ll be fitted for hearing aids soon to join my children in this adventure. I have a moderate hearing loss but my right ear is much better; thus my good ability to still do the transcription.

Have a good rest of the week – dori


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Hello- I was planning for today to be the day I read and post, but instead I had a migraine until 1 p.m. with vomiting. Yuck.

But wanted to say hello anyway as I know it’s been a while. Now I must clean up the house – boy what mess two boys can make when you’re sick on the couch.

But I hadn’t had a migraine since January, so that’s progress. I have been doing the exercises my chiropractor gave me and I think that was the difference. But now I may get them more because of spring allergies – yuck. But I’ll still do my exercises.

If I don’t work tomorrow maybe I can take 1 hour to read and post – that sounds heavenly!

I’ve done some reorganizing and planning some painting projects. I’ll post before and afters.

love, dori