autism, transcription

fences, and anniversaries ;)

My daycare assistance meeting is Tuesday. They tentatively approved me even though at first the lady scared me saying “oh, we don’t cover people who work at HOME.” Then I explained, you don’t understand – I have special needs children who RIP my headphones off my head and don’t permit me to work – I need to have some part-time child care set up in order to work. And I lost two jobs due to having to call in all the time with them being sick – I have to work at home for the flexibility of working around my children’s therapy and any sick time. Then she checked with her supervisor and called back and said her supervisor approved it. I still have to be approved financially though.

Today is our anniversary.

We’re going to an autism seminar ALL day Friday. I’m really looking forward to getting away without the kids for a while. They start camp Monday, also, a NICE 5-WEEK BREAK!