survey about best and worsts, etc.

1. What is your best dream ? files/dream.html
2. What is your worst nightmare ? There are 3-4 I remember vividly from my childhood when I was about 4 (after my mom got divorced) where it involved a) my mom and I being on an escalator and I fell off over the side and broke my back b) my grandma falling out of the car and getting run over by a car and dying and c) there was a machine at the mall that you went into and it did horrible things to you.
3. Who makes you laugh the hardest ? Roger my hubby.
4. What is on your travel coffee mug ? Don’t have a travel mug.
5. What is one skill you wished you had learned as a child ? Well, I learned guitar skillfully as a child but I wish I wouldn’t have quit lessons at 18 – I really enjoyed classical guitar and probably could have gotten even better in college.
6. What is one skill you learned as a child that you appreciate now ? Playing guitar (though there are more than that that I appreciate!)
7. What does your dream house look like ? Actually I’m kind of in my dream house, but to have it on a mountaintop with about 30 acres of land would be nice!
8. What’s your dream car ? Right now we want a brand new Nissan Altima AND a brand new Honda Ridgeline.
9. What is the greatest luxury you can imagine ? A large jacuzzi and sinking down in it with bubble bath and candles for about an hour.
10. What is the greatest luxury you have in your every day life ? The 3 hours where Ryan goes to preschool. But I also fully appreciate when they come home and love being with them more after the break.
What is the meaning of luxury? Some time to myself to enjoy something, or to accomplish something I can’t do with them home and to COMPLETELY finish it!
11. Sleepover with girlfriends, or romantic date with a new guy ? Girlfriends
12. What’s the scariest movie you have ever seen ? The Exorcist
13. What’s your dream accessory ? Us being able to buy a campground in North Carolina to have a second income from and be able to visit 2-3-4 times a year for vacation. It would be in the mountains with a lake close by.
14. What’s your dream piece of clothing ? To be back in my size 7s someday, an all NEW set and not the ones from 1986-1990.
15. What are your dream shoes ? Actually my mom bought me new tennies yesterday from Walmart and surprisingly they feel like pillows and dream shoes!
16. Dream makeup and hair makeover or shopping spree ? Both sound great but I think I’d do the makeover to get some new ideas on how to present myself and motivation not to look like a slob all the time!
17. Massage or facial ? Massage
18. Gourmet or comfort food ? Comfort food
19. Play or movie ? Movie
20. Sleeping in or early bird ? Sleeping in is PREFERRED but seldom involved in. I’m usually up by 6 by necessity.
21. Most embarrassing moment ? Probably when I shot a basket into the wrong side of the gym in 8th grade – I was so proud until I saw everyone laughing.
22. Most proud moment ? Actually I’m very proud of getting 8 accounts to type for this year, even though I’ve had to drop out of that all for a while.
23. Worst habit for health ? Drinking too much coca-cola and eating too much fat/meat/salt.
24. Best habit for health ? Not smoking or drinking alcohol.
25. Favorite breed of dog ? Not sure – but we are hoping to get a therapy dog for the boys and then I’ll learn a LOT I’m sure about the breeds!
26. Favorite breed of cat ? Not sure – we always had “mutts” if that applies to cats… a lot of black ones, a tabby, a calico, and one red one! (Though the years, at our farm when I was a child)
27. Best practical joke someone has played on you ? I can’t really think of one – I’m not a fan of those at all and had a “friend” that used to do them a lot and hurt my feelings.
28. Best practical joke you have played on someone else ? As above, I just didn’t get into them much.
29. First thought when you wake up in the morning ? What can I accomplish today to get organized and function a little better with everything on my plate…
30. Quote to live by ? “Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee.
Joshua 1:9. I have a lot of favorite quotes but this one is in my email siggie right now.



rewarding myself for jobs well done…

so I’m done a fun [not little!] survey I found!

I did dailies throughout my whole house and am planning to sort papers/fill out forms needed/file rest of the day. But here I go, fun fun! I’ll do an update post soon.

x. name :: hmmmm, no.
x. nickname :: dori
x. birthday :: 02-22
x. birthplace :: Ohio
x. hair :: Dark brown, very curly. All one length, parted in middle, about chin length (a little shorter in front)
x. eyes :: Brown with hint of green.
x. height :: 5’3″
x. mood :: pretty darn accomplished!
x. music :: 95.5 the Fish
x. taste :: Nothing at the moment but love cola drinks.
x. clothing :: T-shirt, sweatpants.
x. annoyance :: Actually nothing this minute, our leaking toilet was FIXED earlier today!!
x. smell :: Nothing – just previously dishsoap and laundry soap.
x. i ought to be :: doing my filing/paperwork.
x. windows open :: Well, my kitchen window was open a bit today as it’s over 40 out – but on the computer — let’s see — my email and Ivillage, and Semagic journal program.
x. desktop picture :: RJ’S 2-year birthday picture.
x. favourite band :: Too many to number. I am eclectic and love all kinds of music, and have Christian Contemporary on right now, but also love Evannessence (sp?) lately and find The Darkness extremely interesting!
x. book :: Just finished Armeggedon (sp?) in the Left Behind series (book 11) and eagerly awaiting The Glorious Appearing coming out end of March.
x. cd in stereo :: None – my cd player is broken 🙁
x. crush :: hubby
x. favourite celebrity: ? Hmmm. Actually, I’m really enjoying American Idol as I did last year, so let’s say the winners of that + the judges + and I really like the guy who sang she bangs AND Keith from last year (Like a Virgin — hee hee).
x. hate :: People expecting me to fail.

do i
x. smoke :: ::cough cough:: No.
x. do drugs :: No.
x. have a recurring dream :: I have repeatedly dreamt about 2 of my workplaces, one a restaurant from college, the other a law office I worked at for 6 years.
x. remember your first love :: yes.
x. still love him/her :: Not really – just a fond memory.
x. read the newspaper :: Sometimes – we usually don’t buy it.
x. have any gay/lesbian friends :: Two suspected, none admitted.
x. believe in miracles :: Definitely.
x. believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever :: Yes.
x. consider yourself tolerant of others :: It depends. As a Christian I guess you’d say I love the sinner but hate the sin.
x. consider love a mistake :: NO.
x. have a favorite candy :: Anything chocolate, preferably dark.
x. believe in astrology :: I stay pretty far away due to religious beliefs – I believe it can have a power, yes, but not the kind I’m looking for!
x. believe in magic :: Same as astrology.
x. believe in God :: Yes.
x. have any pets :: Not yet, but have a daughter who begs for them.
x. have any piercings :: Two, one in each ear! (At age 37!)
x. have any tattoos :: No.
x. hate yourself :: No.
x. have an obsession :: I don’t think so, but I can become addicted to checking my email/refreshing my friends’ groups online/etc.
x. have a secret crush :: No.
x. do they know yet :: n/a
x. have a best friend :: Hubby + my two best girlfriends.
x. wish on stars :: I pray instead of wish.
x. care about looks :: Yes, but don’t take enough time to do anything about it!

love life
x. do you have sex :: ! (Not used to such graphic questions :} but hey think I stole this from a younger person’s diary!) Not enough, but love it! (try seeing what 3 kids, of all ages, do to your love life!!)
x. first crush :: John in 6th grade. We had JUST started “staring into each other’s eyes” and then he moved.
x. first kiss :: ON A GREYHOUND BUS coming home from Arizona, with a guy who LIVED in Arizona. It was awesome, though!
x. single or attached :: Attached (20 years dating on March 26, can’t BELIEVE it) — married now for almost 17 years.
x. ever been in love :: Yes.
x. do you believe in love at first sight :: Yes. I was, he wasn’t, but it still worked (and I was dating someone ELSE at the time – talk about complicated).
x. do you believe in “the one” :: I know I’m with the one God intended.
x. describe your ideal significant other :: My dh – he’s sweet, hardworking, handsome.

juicy stuff
x. ever played a game that required removal of clothing :: Yes.
x. ever been intoxicated :: Yes.
x. favorite place to be kissed :: !! Many.
x. have you ever been caught “doing something” :: No.
x. are you a tease :: No.
x. too shy to make the first move :: I asked my husband out for our first date! (over 20 years ago)

word association
x. rubber :: condom
x. rock :: & roll
x. green :: eyed monster
x. wet :: roads
x. cry :: for help
x. peanut :: butter
x. hay :: stacks
x. cold :: March
x. steamy :: bath
x. fast :: food
x. rain :: drops
x. bite :: m&ms

x. item bought :: Rally’s meals for us on Saturday.
x. thing you ate & drank :: Fried chicken and rice, coke, water.
x. book read :: Armageddon
x. television show :: Morning news.
x. person you talked to :: My MIL
x. person you hugged :: My son.
x. instant message :: Probably my friend Marcia.
x. person kissed :: My hubby.

where do you
x. eat out :: Many – BK, McD’s, Pizza Hut
x. cry :: in the car, shower.
x. wish you were :: North Carolina, or better yet, heaven

have you ever
x. dated one of your best friends :: Yes. (my hubby)
x. loved somebody so much it makes you cry :: Yes.
x. broken the law :: Yes. (speeding). Also road in car with people smoking pot in college, but not sure if I wasn’t doing it if I was breaking the law?
x. run away from home :: No.
x. broken a bone :: Yes.
x. played truth or dare :: Yes.
x. kissed someone you didn’t know :: Yes (that bus trip, above)
x. been in a fight :: Sort of, got my finger bent backwards but as far as it went…
x. come close to dying :: Pneumonia, 86, almost went into the hospital but then recovered.

what is
x. the most embarrassing cd in your collection ::
x. your bedroom like :: Overcrowded (2 of us, plus our 2 year old, 2 chests, one for baby, + our dresser + our guitars)
x. your favourite thing for breakfast :: All!!!
x. your favorite restaurant :: Too many to know.

random questions
x. what’s on your bedside table :: Kleenex, books.
x. what do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night :: Chips? Cake? Cookies? All 3? Try not to do that anymore…
x. what is your secret guaranteed weeping movie :: Don’t know if it’s secret, and I have a lot of them, hmmmmmm 80’s MOlly Ringwald movies make me cry, as does Dirty Dancing.
x. if you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done :: Boob reduction. (planning it)
x. what is your biggest fear :: My autistic son disappearing – he’s just learned this week how to unlock our door.
x. what feature are you most insecure about :: My boobs.
x. do you ever have to beg :: No.
x. are you a pyromaniac :: NO.
x. do you have too many love interests :: No.
x. crushes :: No.
x. do you know anyone famous :: No.
x. do you know how to play poker :: No.
x. what do you carry with you at all times :: My cell phone.
x. how do you drive :: Carefully and in a paranoid manner at times!
x. what do you miss most about being little :: Having lots of times for my hobbies (playing guitar, accordian!, mandolin, drawing, painting, hiking, writing songs, books, stories) – yes I was kind of a weird kid, an only….
x. are you happy with your given name :: Now I am.
x. how much money would it take for you to give up the internet for one year :: $100,000.
x. do you like yourself and believe in yourself :: Yes.
x. do you think you’re cute :: ?
x. do you consider yourself to be a nice person :: Yes.
x. do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends :: My family, above all.

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