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From the hospital….

Ugh… a very nice hospital with awesome people but I’m tired of being here! But tomorrow I get to go home…

Chris damaged his ear with self-injurious behavior and had surgery on it 3/10. By 3/17 he had damaged it further as we could not control him to keep him from hitting/poking/punching his ear. 3/18 we spend 5 hours in the ER and 3/19 about midnight in the morning we were admitted to the area’s specialty children’s hospital. We have been here ever since (did go home for 20 hours from Sunday night to Monday afternoon).

Chris has adjusted fairly well now to the routine and the sitters and nurses and doctors. We urgently requested med regulation in addition to his ear attention as he was out of control at home, in the ER, and here at the children’s hospital. A large team is in place to help him and I believe they are helping as he is much calmer. He had ear surgery again Friday night. He shall probably be here about 2 weeks or so.

He was hitting everyone in our family on Thursday and it was completely out of control – he had even hit Colleen (9) and Ryan (2). So we had to get him immediately emergency help.

Prayers and thoughts requested as we continue on this path – he is also going to have a tonsillectomy soon and that will be a tough recovery. There is nowhere for him to go, either, to like a “nursing home/recovery” kind of stage so they’ll keep him here as long as possible and then try and have an aide set up for our house.

The Lord is in control… I just have to trust.

Blessings, dori