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rewarding myself for jobs well done…

so I’m done a fun [not little!] survey I found!

I did dailies throughout my whole house and am planning to sort papers/fill out forms needed/file rest of the day. But here I go, fun fun! I’ll do an update post soon.

x. name :: hmmmm, no.
x. nickname :: dori
x. birthday :: 02-22
x. birthplace :: Ohio
x. hair :: Dark brown, very curly. All one length, parted in middle, about chin length (a little shorter in front)
x. eyes :: Brown with hint of green.
x. height :: 5’3″
x. mood :: pretty darn accomplished!
x. music :: 95.5 the Fish
x. taste :: Nothing at the moment but love cola drinks.
x. clothing :: T-shirt, sweatpants.
x. annoyance :: Actually nothing this minute, our leaking toilet was FIXED earlier today!!
x. smell :: Nothing – just previously dishsoap and laundry soap.
x. i ought to be :: doing my filing/paperwork.
x. windows open :: Well, my kitchen window was open a bit today as it’s over 40 out – but on the computer — let’s see — my email and Ivillage, and Semagic journal program.
x. desktop picture :: RJ’S 2-year birthday picture.
x. favourite band :: Too many to number. I am eclectic and love all kinds of music, and have Christian Contemporary on right now, but also love Evannessence (sp?) lately and find The Darkness extremely interesting!
x. book :: Just finished Armeggedon (sp?) in the Left Behind series (book 11) and eagerly awaiting The Glorious Appearing coming out end of March.
x. cd in stereo :: None – my cd player is broken 🙁
x. crush :: hubby
x. favourite celebrity: ? Hmmm. Actually, I’m really enjoying American Idol as I did last year, so let’s say the winners of that + the judges + and I really like the guy who sang she bangs AND Keith from last year (Like a Virgin — hee hee).
x. hate :: People expecting me to fail.

do i
x. smoke :: ::cough cough:: No.
x. do drugs :: No.
x. have a recurring dream :: I have repeatedly dreamt about 2 of my workplaces, one a restaurant from college, the other a law office I worked at for 6 years.
x. remember your first love :: yes.
x. still love him/her :: Not really – just a fond memory.
x. read the newspaper :: Sometimes – we usually don’t buy it.
x. have any gay/lesbian friends :: Two suspected, none admitted.
x. believe in miracles :: Definitely.
x. believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever :: Yes.
x. consider yourself tolerant of others :: It depends. As a Christian I guess you’d say I love the sinner but hate the sin.
x. consider love a mistake :: NO.
x. have a favorite candy :: Anything chocolate, preferably dark.
x. believe in astrology :: I stay pretty far away due to religious beliefs – I believe it can have a power, yes, but not the kind I’m looking for!
x. believe in magic :: Same as astrology.
x. believe in God :: Yes.
x. have any pets :: Not yet, but have a daughter who begs for them.
x. have any piercings :: Two, one in each ear! (At age 37!)
x. have any tattoos :: No.
x. hate yourself :: No.
x. have an obsession :: I don’t think so, but I can become addicted to checking my email/refreshing my friends’ groups online/etc.
x. have a secret crush :: No.
x. do they know yet :: n/a
x. have a best friend :: Hubby + my two best girlfriends.
x. wish on stars :: I pray instead of wish.
x. care about looks :: Yes, but don’t take enough time to do anything about it!

love life
x. do you have sex :: ! (Not used to such graphic questions :} but hey think I stole this from a younger person’s diary!) Not enough, but love it! (try seeing what 3 kids, of all ages, do to your love life!!)
x. first crush :: John in 6th grade. We had JUST started “staring into each other’s eyes” and then he moved.
x. first kiss :: ON A GREYHOUND BUS coming home from Arizona, with a guy who LIVED in Arizona. It was awesome, though!
x. single or attached :: Attached (20 years dating on March 26, can’t BELIEVE it) — married now for almost 17 years.
x. ever been in love :: Yes.
x. do you believe in love at first sight :: Yes. I was, he wasn’t, but it still worked (and I was dating someone ELSE at the time – talk about complicated).
x. do you believe in “the one” :: I know I’m with the one God intended.
x. describe your ideal significant other :: My dh – he’s sweet, hardworking, handsome.

juicy stuff
x. ever played a game that required removal of clothing :: Yes.
x. ever been intoxicated :: Yes.
x. favorite place to be kissed :: !! Many.
x. have you ever been caught “doing something” :: No.
x. are you a tease :: No.
x. too shy to make the first move :: I asked my husband out for our first date! (over 20 years ago)

word association
x. rubber :: condom
x. rock :: & roll
x. green :: eyed monster
x. wet :: roads
x. cry :: for help
x. peanut :: butter
x. hay :: stacks
x. cold :: March
x. steamy :: bath
x. fast :: food
x. rain :: drops
x. bite :: m&ms

x. item bought :: Rally’s meals for us on Saturday.
x. thing you ate & drank :: Fried chicken and rice, coke, water.
x. book read :: Armageddon
x. television show :: Morning news.
x. person you talked to :: My MIL
x. person you hugged :: My son.
x. instant message :: Probably my friend Marcia.
x. person kissed :: My hubby.

where do you
x. eat out :: Many – BK, McD’s, Pizza Hut
x. cry :: in the car, shower.
x. wish you were :: North Carolina, or better yet, heaven

have you ever
x. dated one of your best friends :: Yes. (my hubby)
x. loved somebody so much it makes you cry :: Yes.
x. broken the law :: Yes. (speeding). Also road in car with people smoking pot in college, but not sure if I wasn’t doing it if I was breaking the law?
x. run away from home :: No.
x. broken a bone :: Yes.
x. played truth or dare :: Yes.
x. kissed someone you didn’t know :: Yes (that bus trip, above)
x. been in a fight :: Sort of, got my finger bent backwards but as far as it went…
x. come close to dying :: Pneumonia, 86, almost went into the hospital but then recovered.

what is
x. the most embarrassing cd in your collection ::
x. your bedroom like :: Overcrowded (2 of us, plus our 2 year old, 2 chests, one for baby, + our dresser + our guitars)
x. your favourite thing for breakfast :: All!!!
x. your favorite restaurant :: Too many to know.

random questions
x. what’s on your bedside table :: Kleenex, books.
x. what do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night :: Chips? Cake? Cookies? All 3? Try not to do that anymore…
x. what is your secret guaranteed weeping movie :: Don’t know if it’s secret, and I have a lot of them, hmmmmmm 80’s Molly Ringwald movies make me cry, as does Dirty Dancing.
x. if you could have plastic surgery, what would you have done :: Boob reduction. (planning it)
x. what is your biggest fear :: My autistic son disappearing – he’s just learned this week how to unlock our door.
x. what feature are you most insecure about :: My boobs.
x. do you ever have to beg :: No.
x. are you a pyromaniac :: NO.
x. do you have too many love interests :: No.
x. crushes :: No.
x. do you know anyone famous :: No.
x. do you know how to play poker :: No.
x. what do you carry with you at all times :: My cell phone.
x. how do you drive :: Carefully and in a paranoid manner at times!
x. what do you miss most about being little :: Having lots of times for my hobbies (playing guitar, accordion!, mandolin, drawing, painting, hiking, writing songs, books, stories) – yes I was kind of a weird kid, an only….
x. are you happy with your given name :: Now I am.
x. how much money would it take for you to give up the internet for one year :: $100,000.
x. do you like yourself and believe in yourself :: Yes.
x. do you think you’re cute :: ?
x. do you consider yourself to be a nice person :: Yes.
x. do you spend more time with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends :: My family, above all

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