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Chris’ birthday

My regular is down but having fun learning about nablopomo and posting there. SO many blogs, SO little time 🙂           (2020 – these sites are no longer there, but interesting!)

Yes, can’t believe my Chris will be 17 soon…

tired and busy as always… with two boys that will not go to sleep.

More about my day from my transcription board:

posting today as I thought you’d all be able to use a good belly laugh —

Here’s what I THOUGHT I was going to do today: (On my transcription vacation, DAY ONE!)

  • Do British QA at 5 a.m.
  • Take shower and do misc. things like eat breakfast after kids go to school and be ready to start cleaning by 9
  • 9-12 – clean all upstairs rooms and do some paperwork that’s been awaiting me (I did clean and organize office yesterday so it literally is organized and awaiting me)
  • 12-1 – clean kitchen thoroughly and wash the floor and start a crockpot dinner
  • 1-2 – clean basement and workshop and garage that Ryan thoroughly trashed over the weekend. Now you’ve never seen trashed like this. This is taking big gray storage bins and dumping them upside down, mixing up all the contents, of 10-12 bins and searching for flashcards in them. He did this quickly and silently and sneakily while I was up here yesterday cleaning the office. He also dumped containers of some kind of glassware that may have been here from the previous owners and it is now broken on the floor in the workshop in the corner – I pushed it over but need to get the broom and dustpan and get that thrown out. Yes, I thought I could clean ALL this in one hour.
  • 2-3:30 and also throughout all day – sort about 11-12 loads of laundry (much soaking wet from the boys repeatedly putting clean towels in the bathtub to purposely stop it up and then dumping the towels over the other dirty but dry clothes and making them wet.

Needless to say this did not happen.

Here’s what I did:

  • First of all British QA was not ready until 2. Therefore thinking I had no work I actually took a leisurely bath and wrote my friend this morning(instead of starting housework).
  • Somehow my breakfast and all that and finishing invoicing I didn’t finish Saturday, answering various work emails and researching different audio I had loaded and stuff for next week took me all the way until 12:00 How this happened I do not know. I also almost fell asleep in the tub….
  • At 12:00 I went downstairs and started cleaning basement and workshop, and sorted the laundry WHILE I watched Pretty in Pink movie — I really was diligent though – I did keep sorting and folding and putting in pause to change loads or bring more downstairs. I was a good girl.
  • Started dishes at 2 and then also went back down into workshop to clean more about 3:15.
  • Surprising got British QA at 2 – did 40 minutes.
  • Never started dinner – ended up making hot dogs and soup at 6
  • Still finishing dishes.
  • Never cleaned upstairs at all. It looks like there was a typhoon.
  • Left out various details about Ryan going No. 2 where he shouldn’t have — 

Ah well, tomorrow’s another day – with everything added above that I didn’t do today, plus grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, picking up the yard (I still have pool toys out there) (and moldy pumpkins carved for Halloween). I also planned to get my Christmas stuff down – at least 1/3 of it [including the tree]. Well, that’s on hold now until Friday—

And the bus driver this morning says, hang in there, only one more day of school. No —


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How Strange! And Chris’ birthday

Posted 11-19 on NaBloPoMo (this site was down)

I usually post in my blog first and then copy the link here, but for some reason the blog is down. After all day not being able to access my FTP to load a pic in there – I am suspicious that something is going on with the password. Ah well – after my repeated conversations with our web server I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

Anyway – tomorrow is Chris’s birthday! 17 year ago at this time I was pretty sure I was in labor. I can’t believe it was that long ago yet I remember most every detail. I went to do some laundry at our IL’s and while I was there I started leaking. Being 25 and fairly clueless I waited a while thinking hmmm is this is it? I was pretty sure at this point (9:45 p.m. 17 years ago) that it was labor but still was terrified and didn’t want to call the hospital. At home I took a shower and ate an apple and debating going to sleep (maybe I don’t really want a baby after all?)

After finally calling the hospital and being ordered to come in — why did you wait so long? we took off to the hospital arriving at 1:30 (the time I arrived with all three kids). I sat up and rocked a lot and also lay and drifted, and had a lot of freedom in a nice birthing room and first felt heavy labor about about 5 a.m. or 6.

Christopher Owen was born at 9:04 a.m. 11/20/90 and was a sweet, happy-dispositioned child. He loved nursing and napped well.

He is still the sweetest person. He loves the simple things in life and gets happiness from his magazines, car rides, and good food.

Happy birthday Christopher!