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Craving order, and Chocolate Cake

Ahh, just remembering the days when Ryan laid on a boppy pillow and napped while I typed.  When he was three weeks old I began my legal trans again, just a little, and I remember how I reached my arms around him to type on the keyboard.  Now he’s starting kindergarten in 3 months.  All day kindergarten.

I’m trying a new publisher here called ScribeFire on Mozilla Firefox.  Just switched to Firefox last week when my IE started acting up.  It’s pretty cool, just had to get used to it.  Supposed to be able to directly FTP pictures onto here but didn’t quite get that to work seamlessly, still had to go into FTP itself to download pic.  But that’s okay…

Wow, just finished a long stretch of typing.  I finished yesterday at 1:00.  I really enjoyed it, nice clear audio, 5 jobs from 2 different places.  They went into the afternoon a bit more than I’d planned as I was really only planning to work mornings.  But sometimes that happens.  Now the next few weeks I am going to TRY very hard to just work mornings.  I’m working today, Tues. and Thurs. for my “hourly” place where I sit and wait for a job to come in.  It’s nice to have a variety, some like that, others that are one job that I can do anytime and they’re due in a few days.  These are like much much shorter but due in a few minutes. 

However, I’m really needing some mornings free in the next few weeks or month before everyone is out of school, to just establish some order in my house before summer break!  I have say right now I REALLY appreciate the help Roger, my mother, and his mom gave on the house while I worked quite a bit this late winter/spring.  We all worked together to keep things going while Rog worked A LOT and I worked some and we kept the boat afloat 🙂

Now I just feel like I want to go through some things and make an orderly place for everything – it’s hard not knowing where everything is so often!  I want to get back in the pattern of doing a daily pickup every morning where it gets so habitual that it only takes an hour to do the house (I did get to that point before, it’s just been a while!)

Then my future goal is that next year, when all the kids are in school every day and I have like 6-7 hours a day, I’d like to be able to do the daily pickup by about 9 and then type maybe 9-2 and then have another hour to do other things.  That would be a steady 20 hours a week or so since I want to be off one day a week.

The chocolate cake?  Hmmmm I should have taken a picture.  As I crave order and getting my life more organized I have slid off a bit (a BIT?) a lot on my South Beach.  A friend’s mom sent over this cake and I think it was German chocolate with dark chocolate shavings.  Oh my gosh.  I had 2 pieces and I’m craving it RIGHT now.  It’s gone.  It’s a good thing.

I stayed on the diet for 3 months and lost about 10 pounds.  I’d like to get back on it and lose another 10 by fall.  I just have to get re-motivated.

Now off to clean my office, before more typing comes in.


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