Back on the healthy lifestyle

so no turning back, right?

I can’t remember if I posted about my dream here. Last Wed. the 18th I had a dream that I was a lot thinner and that I was REALLY happy about it. When I woke up, I was like, YES, I need to start over, and KEEP at it, and lose the weight.

I didn’t get a starting weight, but as of last Saturday I was 181. So I don’t know what I started at. I do know back in February I was 184.5. I have been up and down since then like a Yoyo between 180 & 184.

SO I’m counting it 5.5 pounds lost as I AM NOW 179!!! I am very excited about this.

Next goal – 170 by July. I don’t really care if it’s early July or late July, as I know it can take varying time periods to lose 9 pounds. Just so it’s sometime in July. I also need to start taking my measurements again.

Another goal – start doing spot exercises again in addition to my walking.





Dream (weight journal)

Hi everyone – I had a strange dream last night that was so real – first I dreamt I was really in shape and eating well and had lost a lot of weight. Then in the dream I realized I was asleep, but determined to get back to getting myself in shape and thinner. Then I think the dream switched to something else and later on I woke up and didn’t even remember that part of the dream.

Just sitting here though I remembered it again and was like, wow, I really need to get back on the plan. I’m going to try and start today.  I’ll have to post this in my diet journal, and I really need to find more communities to put that in as the one it’s in is hardly travelled.

I have been so tired and overwhelmed lately, maybe changing my health will help me. 

I am having fun with all the activities we’re doing right now for end of the year for all three kids in school, but boy is it busy!  I’m getting discouraged with how behind I’m getting on housework!

Oh well, this too shall pass, right?  then the kids will be home for the summer and I won’t get anything done then either ;P

Love, d



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I’m actually a picses…


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Thank you!

Several of you wrote posts tome lately – I really appreciate it! I may not answer for a few days. Chris has a topical skin infection so he’s home from school. Please pray for him – he’s had this several times (5-6 times since 2003) and 2 times he’s been hospitalized with it. It doesn’t look like it this time but we’re still nervous….

And Colleen has been sick with the same cold that caused Chris this cold and infection – she still doesn’t feel great, but doing okay. She also fell down off our office chair and fractured a small part in her wrist – she goes to the bone dr. tomorrow.

My mom is coming over any minute – she’s spending the night and helping me. I am so thankful for her, and my inlaws (my MIL helped me yesterday) and my husband!

but of course it’s times like these I wonder – how the HECK do I go to school?

I’ll update more soon…. dori


college, health

birth date (thanks,Angela!)

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Cool. That’s pretty much me.

I did my financial aid form today. It looks initially like our income is too high for a full coverage. This is a problem! I’m going to wait and do a special conditions appeal once the college receives it (because last year, I was on unemployment, and had to put that on the form, but there was no space to say that I no longer receive it). Maybe that will be enough to qualify me. I can also apply for some scholarships.

I have a cold – we all do. Blach