Dream (weight journal)

Hi everyone – I had a strange dream last night that was so real – first I dreamt I was really in shape and eating well and had lost a lot of weight. Then in the dream I realized I was asleep, but determined to get back to getting myself in shape and thinner. Then I think the dream switched to something else and later on I woke up and didn’t even remember that part of the dream.

Just sitting here though I remembered it again and was like, wow, I really need to get back on the plan. I’m going to try and start today.  I’ll have to post this in my diet journal, and I really need to find more communities to put that in as the one it’s in is hardly travelled.

I have been so tired and overwhelmed lately, maybe changing my health will help me. 

I am having fun with all the activities we’re doing right now for end of the year for all three kids in school, but boy is it busy!  I’m getting discouraged with how behind I’m getting on housework!

Oh well, this too shall pass, right?  then the kids will be home for the summer and I won’t get anything done then either ;P

Love, d