almost 100 things…

I see these often and always wanted to do them….

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  1. My favorite kind of candy is chocolate.
  2. I am addicted to lip gloss.
  3. I rarely channel flip.
  4. I love pens, paper, organizers, and am addicted to the stationery section of stores.
  5. I feel like I work better on housework when I talk on the phone to someone.
  6. I’m fairly good with money and even better at making beautiful spreadsheets and budgets for it.
  7. I’m not as good at housework but very good at making streamlined, organized spreadsheets of the chores I need to do.
  8.   I love making web pages.
  9.   I love cashews.
  10.   I often eat crunchy peanut butter with dark chocolate chips mixed in.
  11.   My house is often a mess even though I pick up just about every day (whirlwind tornado 3-year-old!).
  12.   I don’t have a garage or basement and a lot of our stuff is stored at in-laws or my mom’s.
  13.   I own a large supply of books on how to get organized.
  14.   I’m scared that I won’t be able to handle going to college with 3 kids all with special needs.
  15.   I usually think I’m right once I’ve made a decision.
  16.   I have a horrible time making a decision.
  17.   I do not drink alcohol at all for various reasons though I did drink in college.
  18.   I tried smoking cigarettes but couldn’t figure out how to inhale.
  19.   I have never smoked pot but occasionally wanted to very much as a high school/college student.
  20.   About 5 times I was around friends who were smoking pot but I was too terrified to try it.
  21.   I am very glad I never tried pot or any other illegal drug.
  22.   I didn’t think I would get pregnant the first time I had unprotected sex after 3 years of marriage.
  23.   I did get pregnant the first time!
  24.   I drink icy pop (cola or dr. pepper) often stuck in the freezer for a while but only drink about 12 oz. a day.
  25.   I hate diet pop EXCEPT for diet rite fruit flavors.
  26.   I rarely drink anything with N utrisweet.
  27.   I do enjoy drinking flavored waters with Splenda.
  28.   I collected Trixie Belden books as a child and want to pick up some for my daughter to read and me to reread!
  29.   I had the fancy hard back version of Little Women and read it at least 20 times.
  30.   I had the entire set of Little House books as a child and hope to also get this for my daughter.
  31.   I absolutely adore reading, especially Christian historical.
  32.   I had all my children’s names picked out at age 18 and they were Christopher, Jeannine, Kevin, and Danielle.
  33.   I only used the name Christopher and tired of the other names before I had Colleen & Ryan.
  34.   If Chris would have been a girl he’d have been named Danielle, most likely.
  35.   Colleen would have been named Ryan if she was a boy.
  36.   If Ryan would have been a girl, I don’t know what she’d have been named, though I liked Michelle a lot.
  37.   I do not plan to have any more children, though I always wanted four.
  38.   For the first time in my life I would be devastated if I were to get pregnant.
  39.   If I did have another baby, I would know it was in the Lord’s plan, and I would cope best I could.
  40.   I would probably want a girl…
  41.   When I was little everyone was forced to call me Laura or I wouldn’t answer (that was not my name!)
  42.   I got very good grades in school but was embarrassed about it.
  43.   In 9th grade I purposely failed some tests because I thought that would make me popular.
  44.   By 12th grade I had to squeeze tons of classes in and just about killed myself to get straight A’s and get all my credits in for nursing school.
  45.   I did get the straight A’s, and most everyone still liked me, in 12th grade, but I did gain 30 pounds and got migraines and eye twitches from all the stress that year.
  46.   I only pursued nursing for one quarter and then switched to secretarial.
  47.   When I was almost done with secretarial I almost switched to graphic arts, but didn’t (took one quarter of classes, loved them, but then got married and didn’t go to school anymore after my degree).
  48.   I usually made the Dean’s List in college.
  49.   Sometimes I miss working, for one second, but then think how insane I am.
  50.   I usually thank God I’m home so I can do things like move furniture and improve my house without having to do it on weekends.
  51.   I love being home and playing with my kids.
  52.   I wrote a book in high school about a Cambodian girl.
  53.   I wrote a book in elementary school about orphans.
  54.   I also wrote a book in early high school about an overweight girl named Karen.  
  55.   I wrote about 500 poems but haven’t written any in years.
  56.   My husband also wrote hundreds of poems and they were really good.
  57.   My husband wrote me poems that were beautiful when we were dating.
  58.   Last April, I was up to 187 lbs.
  59.   I’d lost 18 pounds last summer.
  60.   I gained back 10.
  61.   I can recite most of the Veggietales Silly Songs tape, and know what key the songs will be in
  62.   I started playing guitar when I was 10.
  63.   I started singing when I was 6 or 7.
  64.   I sang my first solo at 11 in front of the class (Let me Be There by Olivia Newton John – it was supposed to be a punishment for having not done my book report.)
  65.   I sleep with a care bear given me by my husband in 1984.  (Friend bear)
  66.   I wish I could take more classes just for fun.
  67.   I love to write.
  68.   I hardly ever wear makeup.


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