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short update

things are fine – BUSY!

We went to Port Clinton on vacation last weekend and it was GREAT! Busy though – 3 kids, 2 with kinda special needs, tends to keep one running on vacation! Soon I’ll post a few pictures.

I decided NOT to go to school at this time. It was a very hard decision. However, we are talking MORE and M O R E about moving, and that overwhelms me anyway (12 years in this same house and our possessions increasing during that time from those of 3 people (one a 2 year old) to those of 5 people (14 year old, 11 year old, and 3 year old children), and that makes a big difference when moving!! So we’ve been seeing houses and planning when and if and where to move, so school on the top of that just seemed too much. So once again it’s on the back burner.

More of an update soon — the summer is flying by!

I have lost 7 1/2 pounds now.



Another survey

I forgot I was going to do this one too – fast, though!

1. Cola:  Classic Coke.  I am now, however, learning to like Diet Coke with Splenda – not bad!

2. Sneakers:  whatever kind I find – generic or Chic, usually!

3. Hair care:  Frizz-ease lotion helps a LOT!  Otherwise, whatever moisturizing shampoo & conditioner I happen to have on hand.

4. Small electronics:  ?  Probably Sony, Panasonic, not sure.

5. Automobile:  1996 Nissan Sentra, and a 2002 Chrysler Town and County

* * * * *

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I’ve really cut back on my computer time —

and it shows! My house is much cleaner and I think I’ve really caught up a lot on paperwork. I probably won’t be here that much now as it’s summer break and my kids will be home all the time — except for brief periods in the morning while one or the other will have preschool/special needs camp/bible school, etc. I haven’t really been reading as much either – but will come back when I have time.

Pray this summer goes well for us – it can be a challenging time as Chris is so used to going to school and doesn’t understand why he’s not going now!! And here I was all set up to blow up the little wading pools and my stupid air pump is GONE – I can’t find it. It’s too hot to walk to the playground. So he’s in the shower AGAIN.

But, all in all, things are much better than LAST summer…

I LOST 5 POUNDS!!! so far…. 50 more to go!

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