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check it out!

check it out!! (NO LONGER A VALID SITE – 2020)

(note from 2020 – went in and made this a link as I have done here and there but it is not live.  Have no idea what this slideshow was!  But will leave here as it’s interesting to look back at how I had to show pictures back 15 years ago… a lot more complicated than now!!!)  But don’t worry about looking it up —

I have had fun with this — changed web servers (half my site is still down) but I have had a lot of fun playing with this coppermine photo gallery from Fantastico that my web server offers (just think I had never even heard of any of this 1 month ago….)


wow, I just remembered today is my dad’s birthday. Happy 74th birthday Dad, you would have been so proud of your grandchildren…. you can see your third one from heaven, little Ryan!!

(Dad died 10-16-97)


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