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Gotta try and stay awake…

My oldest is still awake – yeah, it’s only 10 but he seems REALLY REALLY awake like the nights he stays up all night… sigh.

DH is in bed – he has to get up at 4 to go to work tomorrow. I have been getting some REALLY nice sleep lately so it is my turn to stay up with Chris. Chris has been sleeping well lately, but last week he did not. He use to stay up ALL the time all night. We were counting our blessings. Not sure why he’s staying up again ?!

I saw this map on a friend’s journal and made one myself! Fun!

note from 2020.  Editing entire journal.  I don’t know if any site is showing here anymore that is referred to here, but didn’t want to delete what I wrote about travel – guess blog posts from 16 years ago may be missing some material at times…
create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

I am glad I saw so much of the country. I would like to see more again – -even the same places. We would love to move to North Carolina. We live in Ohio. The many places visited on the map are due to my going to Arizona twice, once in childhood to visit my grandma, then after high school to go live with my cousins (my mom came too). What was neat was the trips were via 3 different routes – went there in elementary school via train, on a northern route, then came home on a bus, via a more central route. When I went in ’83 we went there via a southern route, and then came back on the same central route we’d traveled in ’76. We moved right back to Ohio in ’83 due to there being no jobs available (recession) in AZ, where my dad had found me a job in Ohio! Then my dad had taken me on trips to Michigan, Niagara Falls, and New York City. And with my husband we went to the Carolinas, twice! So I feel blessed to have traveled this much.


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