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Busy times!   Leave a comment

baseball 3 Originally uploaded by criscollrj. Ryan went to a baseball game and did great! He went with Papa and Dad. We also visited his new school, and went to an outing with Chris’s school mates. And Ryan went to a birthday party, and so did Colleen. I tried to put some of these pictures […]

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Went off track again–   Leave a comment

Hello everyone!!! I’ve been off-track for over a month after losing 9 pounds from Feb. – April. Luckily I’ve only put on 2-3 pounds from what I’d averaged in April (depending if it’s that time of the month or not) but I need to take control TODAY. I am going to try and get back […]

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surveys and too tired to say much else   1 comment

Ahhh, another work break. I had had one briefly before then worked another week. Now I’ve been off since Thurs. morning and am only working Tues/Thurs. morning this week. The kids are doing okay – Colleen had a book report due this weekend and she DID do it though I don’t think she completely finished […]

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Craving order, and Chocolate Cake   1 comment

Ahh, just remembering the days when Ryan laid on a boppy pillow and napped while I typed.  When he was three weeks old I began my legal trans again, just a little, and I remember how I reached my arms around him to type on the keyboard.  Now he’s starting kindergarten in 3 months.  All […]

Instead of “The Dog Ate My Homework,” it’s–   Leave a comment

5-11-07 (have to figure out how to change dates on these after the fact!) –“My Headphones Sound Like Crap and I Didn’t Know It.” And this is why the transcription company I failed should give me a second chance! Oh my. As any reader (hello out there 😉 ) knows, I was upset that I […]

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YAY – the O.C. joins 90210 on Soapnet!   Leave a comment

5-12-07 http://soapnet.go.com/shows/theoc/ [ad#Google Adsense]

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Trying to add perfect contracts — and thoughts on hearing loss   Leave a comment

The life of us entrepreneurs (is that what we are?) — always seeking to do the best with our contracts yet keeping an eye on what else is out there. Sometimes there is enough variety in one contract to keep you going strong (Rog is kind of in that position now with his company, thank […]

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