Went off track again–

(Weight journal)

Hello everyone!!! I’ve been off-track for over a month after losing 9 pounds from Feb. – April. Luckily I’ve only put on 2-3 pounds from what I’d averaged in April (depending if it’s that time of the month or not) but I need to take control TODAY. I am going to try and get back to South Beach Stage 2 today (not quite up to the 2 weeks on Stage 1 I did in February and hope it’s not necessary at this point).

I’m sure I’d feel less tired if I wasn’t cheating on real pop, chips, too much candy, too many carbs, and skipping making my healthy salads. I’m not going to cut way down on carbs right now, and may make the pancakes this morning I’m thinking of, but am going to make SURE I eat a salad today! I’m eating an orange right now :cheer:

2/3/07 – 4/6/07 – had lost 9 pounds (less 2/10ths of a pound). Now am 4.4 pounds heavier than that low but about 2-3 pounds heavier than my average after that.


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