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CloudEight is awesome!

First, plugging their site —

and their home page that is my start page every day

and where they featured me from my entering (on a whim!) this: 

(2020 – wow, wish I could see that, above.  too many years gone by.  Glad to see CloudEight is still valid site!  I miss using stationery….)

I have always loved using email stationery, and CloudEight has been my main stationery source since probably about year 2000 at least (just guessing in my head!). They also have a forum with postings on computer safety about issues such as spam, viruses, and related issues. Their stationery and other designs are declared virus free and I have always had super luck with them and they are varied and beautiful.

They also feature smileycons which I am a great fan of – I am a gold member.

Check them out – they’re awesome!

And thanks, CloudEight, for featuring my blog!


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