computer geekiness


I stayed up too late working on backgrounds — this site is very cool! I tried to do this one: (the wishing and hoping one) and got as far as getting the images and everything on there but they were repeating all over the page! Oh well, will keep playing. I just don’t know how to get the image to not be over the top of the words, but at least figured out how to make the right margin over so my text isn’t off the page.  (2020 – not sure why I bothered to “link-code” those sites – figured they wouldn’t work, and they didn’t — livejournal layouts must be completely “out” at this point — gotta love 2006—miss it somewhat!!!  😉  )

Now, to bed! Thanks Angela for all your prior help on this! I may need you again when I’m ready to try the hoping and praying images….